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How to Add Signature in Gmail with Logo – Professional Way

I will coverd the topic how to add signature in gmail account with logo, Google allows you to add a signature in Gmail and you can use it send emails to your clients and professional people in the industry. It will make an impression on your clients, and they will immediately recognize you next time.

How to Add Signature in Gmail

Importance of Email Signatures

You might have seen that many professional people in the world use a digital signature in formal documents, notices, and emails. But, why do they add a digital signature to the email and another form of documents?
 There are a few important reasons behind it.
  • A digital signature helps the recipients recognize the sender in a glimpse.
  • An email signature often used by the reputed company and it’s a sign of quality & brand.
  • Well-established companies use a digital signature so that it would put your position in a good spot in the perceptive of your client or prospects.
  • Those who use digital signature considered as Legitimacy and Professionalism. It is enough to increase the rate of success of closing a sale.
  • You can also add quick links to the digital signature, and professional Gmail signature can help your recipient find you easily online.

What not to do?

  • One of the major mistakes of every small company to a big company that they let the employees take on the task. It is a grave mistake because mostly it is overlooked by the seniors and authority. You don’t want to look unprofessional in your prospects and clients eyes, right? Then assign a professional to work on the signature custom email signature, and make sure you confirm the result.
  • In most cases, the professional signature maker would take you for granted and provide you pre-made templates. There is nothing wrong with getting a pre-made template, but it would hurt your business. We recommended that you go for a custom email signature.
  • Never add too many links to the signature because you want to make thing easier for the recipient.
  • Never copy and paste because sometimes you might send the email without a signature. Make sure to set signature in Gmail, and it will automatically add it when you send an email to the recipient.
  • Keep it simple as it can be! It can be a promotional email or transactional email, but if you are trying to do business with the recipient, then you should avoid adding excessive icons, images, links, text, and more. The layout of the email template should be attractive, but always keep the content less, so they can focus on the important part.
I recommend a decent business to hire a professional for a custom email signature. But if you are a beginner or recently started the business, then you can try free signature generator or handwritten signature generator free and add signature in Gmail.

How to Add Signature in Gmail?

There are many ways you can add a custom email signature to the Google mail, but we are going to show you two methods, and we will tell explain how to add regards in Gmail in a few steps.

#1 Method

I prefer to set a signature in Gmail, but there is no harm in adding an email template manually every time you use it. If you are someone who sends emails a few times in a day, then you can try it. Many email templates don’t fit perfectly with the Google mail or any other email provider.
This method might consume few seconds but you can add signature in Gmail
Step 1: Copy the email template from the document.
How to Add Signature in Gmail,How to Add Signature in Gmail logo
Step 2: Create a new email, and then paste the email template in it. Now, close the newly composed email, and it will save the email in drafts.
How to Add Signature in Gmail, How to Add Signature in Gmail with logo
Step 3: You can access email drafts anytime in the Gmail and copy & paste the email template or signature manually.
I consider it an easy way, but if you want to take it next level, then you can set a signature in Gmail settings. I add signature in Gmail using this method on a daily basis because I pay attention to it, and it reminds me the date to update it.

#2 Gmail Signature Generator (Professional Way)

Make sure you have a digital email signature ready because we are going to show you how you can add the signature to your Google mail. Remember, whenever you send an email to a recipient, and then add signature in Gmail.
Step 1: First, log in to your Gmail account. Now, on the left side, you can find the gear icon and click on it to open more options.

Add Signature in Gmail with Logo
Step 2: Look for “settings” in the drop-down menu, and click on it.

Add Signature in Gmail
Step 3: The next page will load plenty of more options that you can play around it, but scroll down until you find the “signature” section.

Add Signature in Gmail
Step 4: First, you have to select “signature” because it will set to “no signature” by default.
Add Signature in Gmail with Logo, Add Signature in Gmail

You will find more space below, and that’s where you have to copy & paste or add signature in Gmail.
Step 5: I could not find the “save settings” options but scroll down to the end, and you will find the “save changes” options at the bottom of the tab.
Add Signature in Gmail
Your settings are saved! Thanks to Google team for making it easy to add signature in Gmail.
Next time when you send an email to the recipient, then the Gmail will add the template automatically to the email.

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Final Words

Gmail has evolved, and you have to evolve as well. Make sure you are using custom email template because it cost you very less to get custom signature. You can use any HTML editor to create an iconic email template, and all you need is creativity and vision. Google has also made it easy for the beginners to add signature in Gmail. Let us know what do you think about the digital email signature in the comment section below.

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