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InfinityFree Review By 100% Trusted Customer And Experts

This is User-based InfinityFree Review By 100% Trusted Customers. InfinityFree is one of the fastest growing Free Unlimited Web Hosting company in the world right now. The company is targeting those who are looking for free web hosting and domain without paying a single penny. The InfinityFree offers free Web Hosting with PHP and MySQL services, but is it worth your time and money?

InfinityFree Review

One of the major problems with the free web hosting sites that we don’t find errors or CONS until you use them for our projects. Yes, you will find the errors and CONS after using it for a while because I have learned it the hard way too.

But, I have not tested the InfinityFree hosting yet because it’s new and rising to popularity now. However, InfinityFree Review is important to save your time, money, and expectations.

What is InfinityFree Hosting?

Before reading InfinityFree Review You must know about company. In short, InfinityFree is a website hosting company that offers unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, 99.99% uptime, and host a custom domain.

They do not charge you a single penny for using the services available on the platform, but they do advertise the premium hosting that charges you $2.99 per month for the entry-level package.
But, is it worth moving your existing free hosting to this one?

  1. Services

The Company offers a variety of packages and services on the platform, and allow us to give you a quick look at the services.

  • The first service is free Unlimited Web Hosting.
  • The second service is premium Web Hosting with PHP and MySQL option.
  • The company did advertise free domain name and hosting, but the top level TLD domains cost you a few dollars, and I recommend you to compare the pricing because I think GoDaddy is a better choice.

They offer three services, and I can tell you that the first two makes more sense than the third one. The domain charges/fee are similar to the GoDaddy, and I don’t see any reason to buy a domain from GoDaddy than InfinityFree.

So, who’s the top free web hosting? We will get to that point later, so keep on reading till the end.

  1. Support

In our InfinityFree Review article, there are free hosting sites that offer email support and phone support to help the people who are in need of the assistance, but it is rare. Customer care for a free web hosting WordPress is quite difficult to meet because it cost them money to set-up customer care.

1: They don’t offer email support to the free hosting users – But they have provided an email for premium users, so no support for the free hosting and domain customers.
2: It would come as a surprise that you don’t get phone support and email support from the company.
Overall, no support from the team. Only basic email support for the premium/paid web hosting customers.

What Say InfintyFree Customers Says?

I think the old customer’s and existing customer’s feedback is valuable because they are the one who has used it and tested it throughout the months. I have gathered few reviews of the customer, who have also shared many common views and I will list them here.

  • The biggest problem with the InfinityFree free web hosting company that they suspend the accounts with your consent.
  • The second biggest problem is that they have suspended legit and good websites as well after one or two days of the usage.
  • They have banned many accounts saying that it contains a virus and even Joomla core files.

Out of 10, seven customers have left a bad review, and the rest of the 3 left positive reviews.

Infinityfree Alternative

We cannot complete the InfinityFree Review without suggesting you a few free webs hosting companies that should work as a replacement. Allow us to suggest you Infinity Free Alternatives and Similar Websites and Apps. 

  • GoogieHost:

InfinityFree Review, InfinityFree Review laternatives

They don’t offer unrealistic free hosting. You get 1GB of SSD storage with unlimited bandwidth. They don’t charge you a single penny, and its free forever. You Can read here full GoogieHost Review
Check out: GoogieHost

  •  FreeHosting:
InfinityFree Review

As the name suggests, it is a free hosting company that offers cPanel website hosting, and it offers similar features to the GoogieHost free web hosting in India. The list is long, but you can find all features and functions on the official website.
Check out: Free Hosting

Which free website hosting is better infinityfree.net?

The difference between FreeHosting and GoogieHost is that Googiehost offers email support and they respond to your email within 12 hours to 24 hours of the period. You can open a ticket on FreeHosting, but you cannot expect a quick response from the official team with the solution.
Here are the two free web hosting alternatives that we have tried in the past.

InfinityFree Review: Final Verdict

Many top free web hostinghas rules that apply to everyone, but many times the new customers don’t pay attention to the rules, and they end up having a suspended account on the dashboard.

InfinityFree Review

Allow us to follow you up with basic rules quickly.

  • No illegal sites like 18+, scam sites, gambling sites. Websites that offer copyright infringement content like software’s with serial keys, and other illegal sites.
  • Always provide genuine information like name, address, email address, and other information. Everyone in the world hates fake people, and we should respect the free web hosting company as well.
  • Inactive accounts. We cannot blame the free website hosting company because many people leave the account inactive for months. Login to your hosting account once in a week or a month.
  • Keep your website active by a replying to a comment or publishing new content once in a month.

Note: Always keep your website backup updated in your local storage/computer.
We hope that you follow the basic rules to use the free web hosting without worrying about the account suspension.

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