Why Snel.com Hosting Is Better Than Other Hosting?

Snel.com Hosting is one of the best web hosting service providers to choose from in 2021. This is a completely online server system-based web hosting solution.

There is 99.9% uptime assured with no hidden charges and conditions.

So, you can say that Snel.com hosting is better than another hosting. Now, the question may arise in some of your minds that what are the eligible reasons to choose Snel.com?

Here in this topic, we have acquired some major points that tell you Why Snel.com Hosting is better than another hosting.

The snel.com is also helpful to grow up your business and company’s through the website in a perfect way.

One thing we also clear you that when you hire a Hosting service please be make sure you are choosing the dedicated or private hosting.

Do not go for the shared hosting as it will not progress your work quickly.

So, the dedicated hosting is very much fast and reliable compare to the shared hosting. Some of you may have ideas about the Snel.com hosting company.

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If you do not have any idea, then please go through the point why Snel.com is better than another hosting.

Why Snel.com Hosting Is Better Than Other Hosting?

Snel.com is better than other hosting due to some of its best features. Here we have listed out those features based on user needed points.

Snel.com Hosting

So, let us have a look at them now:

Snel VPS Benchmarking Test

We have performed one basic Benchmarking test of Snel server hosting for the dedicated and VPS server.

Initially, we have checked with the configuration of 4GB RAM VPS and tested it for 30 days.

The OS installed in hosting server is CentOS7, 1 GBPS Uplink and it has 2V Cores as well. So, the performance result is given in the screenshot.

Snel Latency Test

The IT and SEO experts checked that the low response time in web bosting is very much good as well as reliable.

They also confirmed that lees 200MS is the best latency time. Accordingly, Snel.com has less than 200MS latency time which is a good sight of reliability in terms of hosting server.

Snel Hosting Configuration and Plan

To achieve the best, I/O experience, it is recommended to use SSD only. This gives the result of high experience and reduces the rate of hardware failure.

In VPS hosting the Intel Xenon Processor and SSD drives gives you the better output than others.

CPU Cores – 1 Xeon Core – Up to 2 Cores | Storage – 100GB SSD Only, Up to 300GB | Snapshot – 1 Snapshot Up to 2 | Memory – 1GB Memory Up to 4GB | Bandwidth – 2TB Traffic at 1 Gbps Uplink.

Snel Server Uptime

Snel.com guaranteed you up to 99.9% uptime in VPS Hosting and Cloud Hosting. However, in Shared hosting, the uptime getting disturbed.

Thus, it is recommended to use dedicated hosting instead of shared hosting. If sometimes the shared hosting gets disturbed, it will again be restored immediately.

Snel Service and Support System

Snel.com provides the best services in hosting to their customers. The service executives of this company are so efficient to their work, such that best plans will be applied to your hosting to hike your business.

The 24X7 support system is also available to solve the issues facing by the customers.

That is all about the features or the benefits of Snel.com hosting service provider. The above reasons are the perfect points for Why Snel.com Hosting is better than other hosting providers.

Hope the information given here is now helpful to you all. If you are satisfied, share the same with others too.

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