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Top 3 Best Cloud Server hosting Providers 2019 for Small Business

Cloud Server Hosting used by millions of professionals around the world, and there are several free & paid Cloud Server Hosting providers 2019 in the world. You can find plenty of affordable cloud hosting in the web market, but make sure that the quality is not compromised in cheap cloud hosting. Newbies do not have information on the best cloud hosting for small business.

Best Cloud Server hosting Providers, Best Cloud Server hosting Providers for small bussiness

What Is Cloud Server Technology in 2019?

Cloud hosting services consist of a server and the operating system like Linux, Windows, or something else creates Processors, RAM, Graphics, Space, etc. Now, you can customize the number of processors, RAM (1 GB to 10 GB), Space (1 GB to 1000 GB), and more. The cloud hosting solutions functionality & configuration similar to the VPS (virtual private server.)
However, the rule applies to the managed cloud hosting, and it does not apply to the regular cloud hosting. The SSD cloud hosting companies set the configuration to increase the profits and due to limitations.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting Offer?

Here are the known benefits of the cloud hosting.

  1. It cost less for websites that require upgrade with time.
  2. Uptime 99.99% and its reliable compared to another hosting.
  3. More control over the account and easy to manage.
  4. Automatic stable updates on software.
  5. Advanced security.

The list keep shoes on, and the biggest benefit is cheap cloud hosting.
Best Cloud Server Hosting Providers 2019 Paid
Do you know the best cloud hosting for WordPress websites? We have compiled a list of best cloud hosting providers that saves you money and offers great quality.

  1. YouStable

YouStable is an Indian based website hosting company that has data centers in New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the USA. The company is known for offering cheap cloud hosting without compromising in quality & services.

Best cloud server hosting providers 2019


  • Store the website files in 25 GB SSD drive with 1000 GB bandwidth.
  • The package offers single-core CPU.
  • The control panel used in the configuration is Webuzo Pro and OpenVZ.
  • The company provides 24/7 customer support.
  • The CPU handled by 1 GB RAM with basic on-page SEO.
  • Free migration, OS selection (Windows & Linux), premium SSD drives used, and more.


The starting price of the cloud web hosting starts from $19.99 per month. The business package charges you $29.99 per month, and the Pro package cost $49.99 per month.


You get free on-page SEO from the YouStable and remember, they started as SEO company. YouStable is very good at SEO area without a doubt. However, we suggest you call or reach the company for on-going discounts.

  1. InterServer

A United States of America based Cloud Server hosting Providers 2019 company started by two college friends to provide affordable web hosting to the people since 2000.

best cloud hosting for wordpress


  • The company offers Webuzo VPS, VPS Home, WordPress VPS, and Windows VPS.
  • Fortunately, they allow you to select the number of cores, RAM, storage, etc.
  • The cloud server frees up space for you by giving you full control over the control panel.
  • In the cloud server provider’s comparison, you will find InterServer cheaper.
  • Monthly billing offered by the company so that you can cancel the subscription anytime.


The VPS Home stands for standard cloud web hosting. The cloud server-hosting price starts from $6 with 1 GB RAM, 25 GB space, and 1 TB transfer.


Currently, there are not running any offers. Keep in mind that they do not have a money back guarantee offer and trial period.

  1. HostGator

We are lits up “Cloud Server hosting Providers 2019” in third place in this article, HostGator acquired by Endurance International Group owned by an Indian Hari Ravichandran and currently operated by the group. HostGator available around the world and they have delivered high-quality services to the customers.

best cloud hosting for startups


  • The company offers three packages hatchling, baby, and business.
  • Free SSL certificate for your website for free. You don’t have to pay a single penny for the SSL certificate.
  • The entry-level package offers dual-core CPU, and the business package offers six-core CPU.
  • A free upgrade to Positive SSL, so you do not have to worry about the security of your visitors.
  • The business plan comes with free dedicated IP address that improves website ranking.
  • A set of free SEO tools in the business plan.


The dual-core CPU hatchling cloud server-hosting price starts from $4.95 per month. The baby plan starts from $6.57 per month and the business plan starts from $9.95 per month.


No one can deny that the pricing is reasonable, and asking for an offer in the existing package would immoral.

Best Cloud Server Hosting Providers 2019 Free

Now, those who are looking for cloud hosting providers 2019 free can start a website immediately. We have compiled a small list of websites that offer Cloud Server Hosting for free and no hidden cost.

  1. GoogieHost

GoogieHost founded by an Indian Blogger with the aim to make Internet free as possible. Googiehost is one of the best free cloud server hosting provider in 2019. GoogieHost Cloud Server Hosting offers decent specs for entry-level websites, but no free hosting can accommodate premium sites.

  1. Popingservers.com

PopingServers is a rising company that offers Cloud Server Hosting in 2019 for free of cost. The company is aiming to provide free hosting and increase the authority among the experts and increase sales later on. Poping Serversadvertised free and paid to host, and those who look for paid hosting can buy from them as well.

Final Words

I hope you find the best free and paid cloud server hosting provider 2019 for your smail business website. Many companies that advertise Cloud Server Hosting, but most of them are expensive and lack features. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of companies that bundled the package with features at an affordable price.

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