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What is WordPress? Create Free Website on WordPress Hosting Blog

We will discourse about WordPress hosting today! The growth of the internet has been exponential from last two decades, and people have started to buy, sell, trade online, where billions of dollars transactions are happening all around the world every single day. 
A website for every small business or big companies has become mandatory for the owners to have it to provide a quick look at the products, services, and more.
WordPress content management system covers 34% of the active websites on the World Wide Web today

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a tool that acts as a content management system, which allows you to create, edit web pages of your website. The primary reason WordPress has become a global phenomenon because it enables the people that do not know the coding languages to manage the website.

What is WordPress? WordPress Hosting
By following detailed instructions, you can create, edit, and manage a website online. The official developers of the WordPress frequently work on a regular basis to provide you with free security patches, design, and stable versions to keep up with the latest technology and developments.
Is WordPress easy to use for a beginner?
It might become a technical headache for you for the first week, but if you spend a week leaning WordPress dashboard, and working with WordPress themes, then it turns into a child play! If I can learn it, so can you!

Is WordPress blog free?

I had the same question when I started out with the WordPress CMS, and there were too many questions that were going in my mind, and I’m going to answer them one-by-one.

WordPress Themes

The WordPress is a dashboard, or call it a foundation of a house. You have to build the house on the foundation. In WordPress, you need various types of themes to fit your requirements like Business, Real estate, Blogging, Hospital, Education, and more. In the market, you have to pay a few bucks for the premium WordPress theme, and free WordPress theme is also available in the market. 
WordPress Themes, free WordPress Themes
 Note: You can buy WordPress themes from ThemeForest for $10 – $100. You can also browse free theme from AThemes or WordPress official website.

WordPress Hosting

I got confused when I created a blog from the official website. However, self-hosted WordPress website comes with limitations. 
The official WordPress self-hosted is not recommended for anyone.You have to buy WordPress Hosting! Don’t get confused because WordPress Hosting equals storage to store websites files, media, images, contacts, accounts, and everything. 
You have to buy space to save Website Files, and data. Now, in the market, many hosting companies will rip you off by offering you expensive packages. 
Note: I recommend you to buy cheap, but premium hosting from YouStable. You can also try the free hosting from GoogieHost, and these two providers are leading on the list in their category.
You can buy dedicated WordPress hosting, and best managed WordPress hosting from YouStable.

WordPress Website Pricing

The WordPress CMS does not cost you a single penny because it is Open-source software, and licensed under GPL license.
You have to understand the difference that WordPress.com is a paid version that offers a self-hosted site that we don’t recommend. 
WordPress Website Pricing, WordPress Website
 We recommend WordPress.org that is popular around the world and used by millions of people.

Create Free Website on WordPress Blogs

There are hundreds of tutorials out there on how you can get a free WordPress blog. But, I would like to share my experience and tell you what you need to grow. 
1: You have to invest few bucks on a domain, and nowadays, it roughly cost you $5 -$10 per year.
Invest few bucks on a domain because domains become valuable with time. In today’s market, marketers are ready to pay $1000 to $1 million for a 10-year-old domain. 
Create Free Website on WordPress Blogs,WordPress Blogs

Note: I did not renew my old domain, and it got deleted.

What is WordPress?

Currently, the value of the domain is $1,089. Buy a domain, and renew it on-time because it becomes valuable with time.

2: If you want to host a website for your small business, and then go for GoogieHost, and if you are planning to rank your website for online visibility, then you better select affordable premium hosting service. All free hosting companies server IP address may not help you rank better on Google search engine. 
3: You can use free or paid WordPress theme because it doesn’t matter as long as your requirement is not advanced. The free theme and paid theme entirely depends on your requirements.


Let us know which part you did not understand in the comment section so that we can assist you. Also, tell us what you had in mind before you came across in our tutorial in the comment section below.

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