You can read here about GoogieHost Review Free web hosting and domain name providers nowadays. Basically, GoogieHost is an Indian-based free unlimited hosting with Direct Admin.

They have provided opportunities to many people around the world with free web hosting no ads services.

They became famous after offering unlimited free hosting with SSL certificates, and they have maintained their reputation to this date.

GoogieHost Review | Overview

Before reading GoogieHost Review, we need to understand the GoogieHost capacity and capabilities.

GoogieHost Review
  • 1) It’s not cheap, it’s reasonably priced.
  • 2) They are offering free web hosting and domain (sub-domain) to begin your journey.
  • 3) The free web hosting with Direct Admin. Many of you don’t know that Direct Admin is a control panel that comes with plenty of features that makes out life easy.
  • 4) GoogieHost is an Indian based free web hosting service in India.
  • It is a free hosting company that does not force you to upgrade your account.


The company offers many features that make us feel like we don’t need the paid hosting services.

But, I will also compare Free hosting with Paid hosting by the end of the day. That’s the reason why I write here a GoogieHost Review on our blog. 

  • 1) The primary service is unlimited free hosting with SSL certificates.
  • 2) The GoogieHost company website design services to the customers. They use WordPress CMS or HTML 5 website based on your requirements.
  • 3) The GoogieHost offers paid to host as well, but they redirect you to the InterServer because they are a reputed company that provides premium web hosting to the customers. The pricing of the InterServer is affordable. The GoogieHost offers only three services.

Free Hosting

Have you ever compared the GoogieHost with other free unlimited cPanel hosting companies?

Because it must be important to before you know GoogieHost Review ad services.

  • 1) The company offers 1GB free SSD storage space with 100GB bandwidth.
  • 2) You get a free sub-domain and free SSL certificate.
  • 3) No advertisements displayed and they don’t force you to upgrade the account at any point.
  • 4) Cloud flare integration.
  • 5) Auto-installer that comes with the cPanel.
  • 6) You also get a free website builder, so you can start working on a site from scratch.
  • 7) You get free templates and free email accounts with 2 FTP accounts.
  • 8) The company does not activate the account in an instant because a human will verify the details, then the account is activated. In simple words, spam protection guaranteed.
  • You can take full advantage of the free unlimited cPanel hosting without limitations. Do not forget that it is a single domain web hosting.

Paid Hosting

GoogieHost has another company that offers premium hosting at a lower cost. The premium hosting company name is Youstable.

GoogieHost Review


WordPress Hosting

Youstable offers WordPress hosting, where they have configured a server to host your website.

The WordPress server is optimized for WordPress only, so the performance and management hit an all-time high.

In short, the servers are tuned explicitly for a WordPress website, and that’s why you will get better speed and performance.

Free cPanel Hosting

Many website concepts on the World Wide Web runs web applications.
If your website concept has PHP scripts and web applications, you can run it smoothly on the Youstable web hosting services.

The PHP hosting servers are optimized and configured specially to run web applications and PHP scripts.

You won’t have issues with compatibility with web applications and PHP scripts.

Server Location

The company of GoogieHost and Youstable has servers in three locations.

  • 1. The USA – The United States of America.
  • 2. UK – United Kingdon or England.
  • 3. IN – India.

You can select the free web hosting no ads from any location.


The USA server location is trendy, and the servers are well-optimized &run on high-speed internet so that the location won’t matter.

You might get a one or two-second difference if you select India, the UK, or the USA.

Let us know what you think about GoogieHost unlimited free hosting with SSL certificates in the comment section below.