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Many bloggers have chosen to write anonymously. It is a choice that poses many questions: How to keep an anonymous blog without being noticed?

What risks do we take in revealing who we are? Why do you want to remain anonymous?

In this article, I’m going to give you some very concrete tips on How to Start an anonymous blog.

This will help you in making a decision if you’re considering starting an anonymous blog and protecting your identity. Let’s begin!

Why choose Anonymous Blogging?

Here are 6 potential reasons for wanting to keep your blog anonymous.

Start an Anonymous Blog

Far from being exhaustive, they overlap with the main motivations of these shadow bloggers, good or bad.

Controversial content

As the saying goes, you don’t have your tongue in your pocket. You have an opinion on everything and you never fail to put it forward.

Very well but, Google has a good memory and will not hesitate to bring to the surface these strong opinions that will (perhaps) not last forever.

Since some people do not like to be labelled for this or that point of view, they prefer not to give their identity. Here is when anonymous blogging comes into play.

Looking for a new job

This reason particularly applies to the job blog. Are you looking for a new job but are you still working?

Not sure your boss is enjoying hearing the news by Googling your name.

It is better in this case to use an anonymous CV and to remain discreet about the details which could betray you.

Incompatibility with his status

Certain professions encourage discretion.

Difficult to reconcile a blog where you express your opinion frankly on various subjects and a status which on the contrary requires you to be neutral.


Yes, shyness is also an aspect to take into account. Some don’t like to put themselves in the spotlight.

From there to exposing yourself in front of your family, friends or even the whole world under your real name.

For pleasure

Some like to invent an exciting second life. The web makes it possible to restart on new bases.

New environment, new visits, different themes. Everyone can live their passion as they see fit and build a stage character.

It’s the superhero effect: in the evening he changes his identity and puts on a new cape. 

For its time-consuming aspect

Blogging can take time, a lot of time. While blogging may be a plus from a professional point of view, this activity is nonetheless time- consuming.

Proudly posting your updated blog during office hours will not help your promotion. The easiest way is of course to blog from home.

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How to Start an Anonymous Blog using WordPress

You will tell me, it’s simple, you just have to not reveal your name or photo. Yes, but pay attention to the details.

Select Advanced Privacy with your Domain Name

A domain name is necessary if you have a website. Domain name requires to register with personal information.

Well, most domain name providers have a privacy option for an extra fee. So, if someone tries to hunt you they won’t be able to. 

Maybe you need Adult web hosting

Adult web hosting provides content for those over 18 or 21. Not only they provide hosting services but also to maintain a higher level of security.

Best Adult Web Hosting

Using a Pseudonyms for Anonymous Blogging

Instead of your real name, you should use a pseudonym for anonymous blogging.

Just to tell you in case you don’t know pseudonym is nothing but a fake name. It is important, as a blogger, to have an “identity” for your readers.

Choose a name that you have never used elsewhere (on a forum, any site, a social network), it will avoid unwanted cross-checking!

Start an Anonymous blog with a VPN

Your browsing history, and the cookies stored on your Internet browser can reveal things about you.

Just like your IP address, a series of numbers identify your online computer.

From an IP address, we can, for example, find the region from which you are connecting,

the approximate city, and sometimes even the company where you work when you post a comment from a company network.

To avoid leaving traces online, you can connect using a VPN, which will hide your true location and encrypt your online activities.

Likewise, be careful with geolocation, especially on social networks!

Anonymous Email ID

Concretely, when you are going to create an anonymous blog,

The idea is to isolate it as much as possible from your usual online life and it starts with the creation of an e-mail address reserved only for your blogging activities.

Of course, you can opt for any free service (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) but if you are particularly concerned about your privacy,

You can also turn to encrypted messaging offering better guarantees in this regard.

Final Thoughts About Creating an Anonymous Blog

This was all about How to start an anonymous blog.  Your choice to blog anonymously depends of course on the topic addressed.

If you are in the post but you are looking for a new job, it is better not to expose yourself if your superiors are not yet aware.

The same goes for political blogs or for controversial subjects. But beware: while blogging anonymously can be helpful or harmful at times, it should be done for the right reasons.

Defamation, gossip, insults, or other meanness are in no way excusable, whether they are anonymous or not.

Something to add? Do not hesitate, the comment section is open.

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