7 Best WordPress Hosting Austria in 2024 – [HandPicked]

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A single running source isn’t enough in the increased world of digitisation and higher living standards. You need passive income to satisfy your needs, and blogging has great potential in digital marketing. However, the competition has increased significantly, with tons of websites turning out audiences because of slower loading times.

Here’s where your hosting provider would be disappointing. Whether you are into Foreign SEO for Austria or a blogger in Austria, the problem persists. So, you would be looking for the best WordPress hosting in Austria, and we have covered you all with it. 

7 Best WordPress Hosting Austria in 2024

With my experience and research in Austria, we’ve got you the best WordPress hosting in 2024. We have tested it carefully by comparing various hosting providers and their features, as well as testing them in Austria.  

Let’s have a look at it.

1. ScalaHosting- Overall Best WordPress Hosting Austria


If you are looking for an easy installation process for WordPress hosting in Austria, ScalaHosting is for you. 

It offers free migration services, which help you set up your website quickly and move an existing site’s servers affordably. 

Scala provides a high-performance and optimised WordPress environment and fast loading times. They use SPanel, a customised control panel of ScalaHosting. The latter makes it easy to manage the websites efficiently with an account and email dashboard. 

ScalaHosting offers you 24/7 customer support services, including technical assistance, providing you with ease. 

Moreover, it provides automatic updates and advanced security features like daily backups, firewall protection, and malware scanning. They have an SS Shield security system for real-time monitoring that gives protection against cyber threats.

However, ScalaHosting lacks a few aspects, like dedicated hosting and window-based server options.

Key Specifications

  • They provide reliable uptime.
  • Prorated money-back guarantee.
  • Lacks language support in Austria because English is the primary language for support.
  • Parallel hosting features are available for premium companies at lower prices.


  • $2.95/month

    2. UltaHost – Best WordPress Hosting in Austria


    Are you looking for a WordPress hosting provider that is cheap and affordable? 

    If yes, then Ultahost could be your choice as it provides WordPress hosting at minimal prices.

    Ultahost provides some great, excellent WordPress hosting services with reliable hosting plans. If you plan to have SSL security, then Ultahost provides free SSL security and Bullet-Proof Security.

    But sometimes the saying “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys” could seem suitable with its usage. This is because it provides limited disk space and high renewal rates.

    Customer service is the lacking factor when it comes to Ultahost. The support system for WordPress hosting is the worst. This creates a drawback for anyone new to WordPress hosting.

    However, professionals with greater technical expertise can go for it even in WordPress hosting. Though it has a refund policy, it’s in their favor 99% of the time, thanks to excellent support.

    Key Specifications

    • Free SSL Security
    • Bad Refund Policy
    • Misleading Advertising and price hikes during renewals
    • Lack of Customer support services


    • $2.90/month

      3. YouStable – Best Budget Friendly WordPress Hosting Austria


      I’ve got something user-friendly, affordable, speedy, and scalable with excellent customer support. YouStable is the best WordPress hosting in Austria for small businesses. 

      Its affordable and competitive pricing helps both large and small businesses. Hence, due to its beginner-friendly interface, you are just one click away from installing WordPress. 

      With its optimised servers, YouStable has fast loading times and reliable uptime. The customer service is to the point and handy for anyone with an issue.

      It offers automatic updates, security enhancements, WordPress-specific support, free SSL certificates, and good speed. This platform also offers premium plans at affordable prices.

      The YouStable profile has been incredible but has minor glitches, like challenging website migration. Yet, according to my experience, it stands out as the best and has no real-time challenges.

      Key Specifications

      • UPI payments accepted
      • Reliable service
      • Good value for money
      • Rapid and immediate response from management, making it user and beginner-friendly.


      • $0.6/month

      4. A2Hosting – Best For Managed/Unmanaged WordPress hosting


      A2Hosting is known for its high performance and speed in Austria. It even has features like SSD storage, optimised server configurations, and turbo servers that offer up to 20 times faster page loads. They also offer WordPress Hosting plans with a pre-installed setup that is easy to configure. 

      A2Hosting’s data centers are located worldwide. Since it serves locations like Amsterdam and the Netherlands, users in Austria get good performance. 

      Although A2 Hosting provides 24/7 customer support, this WordPress Hosting is difficult for beginners to navigate. It claims to offer competitive pricing but at Medicare rates and is not affordable. Though discounts are available, renewal charges are quite high. 

      Key Specifications:

      • Decent Customer service but lacks a beginner-friendly interface
      • Top choice for speed and performance
      • Great uptime and robust plans for WordPress hosting
      • Limited resources


      • $2.99/month

        5. LiquidWeb – Best For Fully-Managed WordPress Hosting


        If you are looking for managed WordPress hosting, Liquidweb is a must-check. It provides automatic updates, staging sites, daily backups, and WordPress-specific support.

        Liquidweb provides high performance with faster loading times by SSD storage, built-in caching solutions, and a content delivery network (CDN). Its scalability is up to the mark, and the sites can upgrade easily when their traffic grows, along with resource availability.

        However, Liquidweb’s pricing is expensive compared to other WordPress hosting providers and is complex for beginners. The features they provide are according to the plans you choose and are not equal. Hence, those who choose minimal plans will face problems with limited functions.

        Liquidweb also lacks servers in Europe, which is sometimes problematic for Austrian users. Yet that’s occasional, so you should consider it.

        Key Specifications

        • Quality support
        • RAM and storage totals are some of the best for their price point
        • Only charges for the number of days you use the service per month
        • Not recommended for beginners


        • $2.50/month

        6. InterServer – Best For Unlimited Resources

        Interserver provides you with an affordable pricing plan for WordPress hosting along with its unlimited resources. Yes, this WordPress hosting indeed offers you numerous resources. The latter includes unlimited storage, bandwidth, and email accounts within a minimal budget.

        Further, it allows free migration with a smooth transition to complete the process without any hassle. It also promises a 99% uptime guarantee, which means that your website will be accessible and available to viewers most of the time.

        Interserver provides you with 24/7 customer support, but it becomes difficult for sites with high traffic. The data centers of Interserver are most prominent in the United States but lack servers in Europe, making it difficult for users in Austria.

        The server speed of the Interserver is very low, which means that the whole point of a hosting provider goes in vain.

        Key Specifications

        • Higher Renewal rates
        • Slow server speed 
        • Limited Scalability
        • Good choice for small businesses
        • Lacks specialised support for certain scripting languages, and servers can be slow at times


        • $2.50/month

        7. DigitalOcean – Best High Performace WordPress Hosting Austria


        Digital Ocean is a WordPress hosting provider that offers high performance for its users through solid-state drives (SSDs), fast networking, and scalable computing resources. It provides you with multiple to upgrade your websites without any hurdles.

        If you are looking for WordPress hosting that gives you the freedom to customise the hosting environment, then DigitalOcean works. You can also customise and install software, server configurations, and security measures.

        The platform has its servers in Austria and worldwide. Therefore, it is accessible quickly without latency issues.

        However, setting up a WordPress site on Digital Ocean requires technical support. This is due to its customisation and management setups. You even have to configure updates, backups, and security, which is time-consuming and requires technical knowledge.

        For customer support, you have a ticket-based system and community forums; hence, instant support isn’t available.

        Key Specifications

        • High uptime
        • Presence of Global data centers
        • Scalable and affordable
        • Digitalocean has problems with certain bank cards
        • Some specialised droplets can be pricey and have steep price curves in some places


        • $4/month

        How Do I Choose The Best WordPress Hosting in Austria For Me? 

        After reading this article, you might already understand which WordPress hosting is best in Austria in 2024. I chose YouStable after analyzing all the above-mentioned sites based on personal experience. Further, it’s essential to analyse some additional features for the Best WordPress Hosting. Moreover, it depends upon your preferences to a certain extent. 

        1. The Needs of Your Specific Website

        Everybody has their specifications that they anticipate from WordPress hosting providers. According to your business requirements and market necessities, choose one that is convenient and easy to use. 

        2. Amount of Traffic Control

        Traffic control becomes a major problem when so many people view your website. Everyone can’t have the same loading time on the website due to heavy traffic.

        To escape these problems, choose the best WordPress hosting service that can handle many users simultaneously. 

        3. Resources and Scalability

        What if you start a small-scale business and it slowly reaches a higher level? How can you upgrade the website and its traffic? Choosing a WordPress hosting that provides scalable hosting solutions becomes easy.

        Hence, you don’t have to change your hosting provider after your website reaches the level you have always desired. 

        4. Pricing

        Pricing is the most important aspect to consider for any businessman, as there are other factors you must consider when allocating a budget. According to the plans, you can’t keep paying higher and higher fees every week or month.

        Even with future upgrades, you will need affordable discounts and packages to benefit you. High renewal rates from a wide range of gaps from the inception become a big NO. 

        5. Security

        What if your website’s data is not secure?

        Will you be able to tolerate this fact despite paying the price? Your trust in WordPress hosting provides you with the requirements you desire, but you end up stealing your secure information. So, security is the most important thing for any website owner to consider before investing in a good hosting provider. 

        6. Speed and Ease of Use

        What if someone opens your website but is tired of waiting for everything to open slowly? Will they be waiting for all of this stuff to happen or what will be their first intuition? They will absolutely close the website and never open it again.

        Is this what you want your website’s position to be?

        It even happens if it is not easy to use; people can’t keep sending you customer support messages on how to use your website. So, making your website user-friendly and high-speed becomes your utmost responsibility.

        After considering these aspects, you must understand what to consider when choosing WordPress hosting. Consider all these aspects carefully, compare several WP hosting providers, and then decide what you will keep.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Which is the Best WordPress Hosting Service in Austria?

        Considering the security, speed, uptime, and related factors, YouStable will be the best WordPress host in Austria in 2024. It also has excellent, friendly customer support at affordable prices and is scalable. 

        Does it Matter which Country my website is hosted?

        Yes, the country where your website is hosted matters because of factors like target audience, legal regulations, currency, and payment processes. Always choose a hosting provider for the data centre where you have hosted the website. This is because it provides 1-3 seconds of loading time.

        Where can I find the Best WordPress Hosting with the Best Performance in Austria?

        WordPress hosting with Austria’s best data server centers can give you the best performance. Depending on my large-scale business experience, YouStable is the best option for high performance in Austria.

        What is the Money-back Guarantee for Austria WordPress Hosting?

        The money-back guarantee varies between different WordPress hosting providers and their refund policies. Further, plans and refund policies can range between 30 days to 60 days.

        The Final Verdict – Best WordPress Hosting in Austria

        If you were looking for cheap WordPress hosting in Austria, you would have got your answer. It all depends upon your preferences, yet SSL, security, speed, and affordability are some factors that hold paramount importance. 

        YouStable is the most reliable option, considering its high performance and affordable and competitive pricing. It even has a user-friendly interface. As mentioned earlier, it’s an ALL-IN-ONE pack. YouStable would be your best option in 2024 Austria with all its great features and amazing customer service.

        Another viable option is ScalaHosting due to its high performance, optimised environment, and A2 Hostings with its fast servers. With legal considerations and server locations in Austria, these two seem like decent options, but YouStable will stand in the first position based on my analysis and experience.

        To summarize, these are the Best WordPress hosting services in Austria.

        RankWeb HostingStarting PriceFree DomainVisit
        1ScalaHosting$2.95/month0 Try Now
        2UltaHost$2.90/month0  Try Now
        3YouStable$0.6/month1  Try Now
        4A2Hosting$2.99/month0  Try Now
        5LiquidWeb$2.50/month0  Try Now
        6InterServer$2.50/month0  Try Now
        7DigitalOcean$4 /month0  Try Now
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