3 Best Free RDP Server Hosting Providers Without Credit Card

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Your search is completed as you have entered the right place. I know you are looking for the Best Free RDP Hosting and all the things you want to know I will tell you in this article.

RDP Hosting is very similar to VPS Hosting. Let me tell you some of the most crucial key points that you have to keep in mind while using Free RDP Hosting.

So, if you are looking for the Best RDP Hosting Provider Without Credit Card no issue as you have come to the right place and you will get all the information in this article.

RDP hosting is known as Remote Desktop Protocol for Remote Access to Windows Server and in this, you will get RAM, Processor as per your needs and you will also have multiple Windows Operating systems options.

The remote connection establishes with one of the CPU trays installed in data centers.

What is RDP Hosting?

As I have mentioned above RDP Stands For Remote Desktop Protocol which is popular for remote access to Windows Server.

RDP gives you functions that are used to transmit a monitor from the remote server to the client’s screen.

In this Hosting client, users use a Windows VPS server and everything runs in a secured shell. You will get RAM, Processor as per your needs. It has multiple Windows Operating systems.

Why Should One Use RDP? 

We should use PDP because it is a remote administration and implementation, it is useful for headless computers. 

It provides you with a separate channel for data transmission and also gives you an extensible base to build many more capabilities.

It gives users the ability to connect to a remote Windows PC or server over the internet or local network and you can store it in the cloud. One of the best benefits of RDP is if your device fails, is stolen, or is lost you will not lose your data.

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What are the perks of RDP Server? 

The perks of the RDP server are as follows -:

  • They provide you with a secure connection.
  • You have the freedom to work from anywhere.
  • Cost-effective.
  • They help you with Powerful RDS.
  • Required with reliable networks.
  • Multiple windows operating systems.

Best Free RDP Server without Credit Card

So now let me mention some of the best companies that provide you with Free RDP Server Lifetime and you will also get a Free RDP Server Without Credit Card-:

#1. Ixremote

Ixremote is a company that provides free RDP remote desktop windows for free, free RDP servers. This company will help you with full admin access no need to worry about the scale of your business. 15+ pre-installed software.

Ixremote RDP Hosting


  • 80 GB SSD Storage.
  • 1GBPS Speed.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • Full Root Access.
  • 1 Dedicated/ Private IP.
  • Optimized RDP Server.

Pricing & Plans

The company provides you with two plans you can choose plans as per your needs 

Ixremote plans and pricing

#2. MonoVM

MonoVM is a company that provides you with Free  RDP Hosting in this you get high traffic websites a well-maintained help you with dedicated servers give you SSL certificates so now let me mention some of its features.



  • SSL certificates.
  • Instant activation.
  • WHOIS protection.
  • Good security.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Efficient load time.
  • High-end technology.

Pricing & Plans

If you are planning to get yourself an RDP server without Credit Card then you can go for this company as it is one of the best offers you with good security, customer support, etc.

MonoVM plans and pricing

#3. rdphostings.com

As per my point of view, this is the best company for you to get free RDP hosting as they are providing you with a 100% free RDP hosting server lifetime. You can easily get RDP hosting with no Credit card. They provide you with live backup, good security including24/7 customer service.



  • Provides you full root access.
  • Excellent high performance.
  • Quick Activation.
  • 10GB SSD Disk space.
  • Gives you 100GB bandwidth.
  • Has a full admin server. 

Pricing & Plan 

They provide you with the cheapest and excellent plans that will help you get the best free RDP Server.  They have 3 plans for their client’s user as shown below-:

rdphostings.com plans and pricing

#4. VPSserver

VPS server provides you with fast remote Desktop Windows VPS with low latency they offer you some great customer support with multiple locations to choose from. It is 100% SSD VPS Hosting that helps you with 99.9% uptime as well as I/O performance.

3 Best Free RDP Server Hosting Providers Without Credit Card


  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Helps you with DDoS protection.
  • Provides you with native IPV6 Support.
  • They help you with full root SSH access.
  • Operating System with LINUX & Windows.

Pricing & Plans

The company provides affordable pricing for both individual & enterprise companies as they provide you with SSD and decent storage, and bandwidth at very decent pricing You can try a 7-days trial and no downtime on upgrading plans-:

VPS server plans and pricing

What is the Difference Between RDP and VPS?

As per the difference between RDP and VPS then trust me they both are very similar to other the only difference we know is that RDP is shared with many users and VPS is a private server it is non shared with full root admin access you can use your data privately as we know that VPS runs on its own OS, you can easily get a window or Linux VPS server. In RDP you can create/manage databases without worrying about the installation of database software.

How to get a Free RDP Hosting Server?

To get a Free RDP Server you should have a computer with a good Internet Connection. The company will provide you with a user ID and password you should know your work if your usage is getting more you should inform your company beforehand otherwise you will face some issue with your server. The above-mentioned companies accept cryptocurrencies from their clients. One of its methods is -:

  • You should have an EDU mail.
  • GO to azure.microsoft.com.
  • Sign in with your old email or sign up.
  • Verify your name by entering your name, phone number, and other details.
  • Enter your EDU mail or student mail they will ask to verify.
  • Now you get access to the Azure portal.

Is RDP server Safe?

Yes RDP server is safe as it runs on session operate over an encrypted channel, preventing anyone from viewing your session it provides you with increased access and well-maintained security you have data protection. Free RDP server online all you have to do is just go through companies’ sites for a perfect plan for their clients. The companies also provide you with Free RDP Hosting as well.

 Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I get a free RDP server?

Yes, you can get an RDP server. All you need to do is follow some of its steps. If I will mention the steps the article will become quite big so without wasting your time I’m mentioning RDPhosting.com company you can go there to get a free RDP server for yourself.

Is RDP server free?

Yes RDP servers are free and are great, provide you a chance to sample some excellent features but to get the most of RDP you can get the full version which is just unbeatable in which you will get 24/7 customer chat support and these servers are fully secured and well run. In full versions, you can scale up your servers through our control panel at any point.


Yes, you can get free RDP on android all you need to do is to download and install Microsoft remote desktop. Getting your email on the temp mail site after that website will help you get free windows for VPS/RDP on android. So then you will redirect to the connection page, then you have to go to your email provider where you will receive 2 emails after that you have to enter a password you will get from the email.


You can connect to RDP on windows with the method the companies use on RDP hosting site where you will get the full version on how to use RDP windows so basically it’s very simple for everyone who wants to use RDP on windows.


Simple and same as I told you all you have to visit the RDP hosting site where you will get all your answers regarding how to connect RDP on mac. The company is serving with the best methods for their clients and making their way easy to use RDP on MAC.


Hey, thank you, everyone, who is reading this article now it’s time to wrap up things so before going for Free RDP Server Lifetime which is very much similar to VPS I will mention some perks of using RDP so go through the points with full attention as it is very important o for everyone -:

  • They provide you with a secure connection.
  • You have the freedom to work from anywhere.
  • Cost-effective.
  • They help you with Powerful RDS.
  • Required with reliable networks.
  • Multiple windows operating systems.
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