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For the students to learn about creating and hosting websites, they need free web hosting for students’ projects. It is a need that every learner requires the best Free web hosting for students.

In Asian countries, the number of students is increasing, which is essential to take the digital world to another level. Students these days are getting more aware of SEO, and other factors that are important to take their website to a different level. Some have also asked whether hosting is important for SEO.

The answer to that question is a most resounding YES!!!! Hosting is very important for SEO, to make sure that your website can handle the incoming traffic.

Free Web Hosting for Students

So, many companies are now coming forward to provide free web hosting for students all over the world, which helps the students to progress better.

Of course, learners have the option to pay for the paid ones, where they can even apply for discounts.

Why Are Students Looking for Free Web Hosting?

There are many portals of free web hosting for student projects, but why are students looking for free web hosting?

Many students are unable to afford web hosting with cPanel or other Control Panel options like Direct Admin because nowadays, it costs more than $5 per month to get their hands on a premium hosting account.

However, students cannot afford expensive web hosting for a project.

Many universities and institutes don’t provide a hosting web service for the students during the course, and the students are left with free web hosting with cPanel. 

Free Web Hosting for Students

There are many web hosting companies that provide web hosting student discounts, but it is extremely rare because companies cannot determine the difference between a student and a regular buyer.

We can suggest to you many best free website hosting companies, but they lack one or two things that might impact your project.

However, in the world of the Internet, you can find top free web hosting companies that enable you to get free web hosting without spending a single penny, and they provide you with decent services.

About GoogieHost

GoogieHost is a free web hosting for Students and Beginners company based in India that allows free web hosting for student projects.

You can consider it the best Free web hosting for students because they do not have restrictions that put your account in a state of deletion.

They offer shared web hosting for free users, and they are planning to add free VPS for students. They also offer free hosting to NGOs.

There are no restrictions on what type of site will go on the GoogieHost web hosting, but there are few rules that you should follow, and hosting a foreign exchange student isn’t violating the rules and policies of the GoogieHost.

We will talk about the PROS and CONS, later on, so make sure to read it to the end.

#1 – Service

GoogieHost Free Web Hosting for Students offers one free hosting for student projects, and the primary purpose of the company has always been to provide free hosting without compromises.

  • Space: You get 1GB or 1000 MB SSD storage disk space.
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Emails & Sub-domain: You can add an unlimited sub-domain and one email account.
  • MySQL Databases: Unlimited
  • FTP Accounts: Maximum two
  • Add-ons: Cloud Flare, Auto-Installer, Free SSL certificate, Free Domains, Cloud Linux, cPanel Hosting, Website Builder, and Referral Program
  • Protection: In-built antivirus system and spam protection
  • Control Panel: cPanel

GoogeHost offers email and ticket support as well, and you can expect to get a reply from the team within 24-hours of the period on working days.

#2 – Support

I have already mentioned above that the company has a dedicated customer support team for the paid web hosting,

But they also take time to look at the queries and technical support for free users by the end of the day.

You can expect to get a response from customer care within 24-hours of the period.

#3 – Review

I have used GoogieHost in the past, and I can give you an honest review from my end.


  • It is the best web hosting for students.
  • The package offers decent specifications and sufficient data to start a website.
  • You get a free SSL certificate, and it adds minimum protection for your readers. I have liked that the SSL certificate automatically integrates with the website without manual work.
  • They don’t have an instant activation service because they want to protect the servers from spam and fake websites.
  • The company claims that it has 99.99% uptime.
  • GoogieHost 1GB or 1000MB hosting space is sufficient for students.
  • They don’t force you to add advertisements to your website or anywhere on the dashboard.
  • The good part is that they have an email support team, so you can recover it by claiming the website.
  • They also have an option of Backup/Restore, so I recommend you to back up the files to your computer.


  • The company claimed that they have 99.99% uptime, but during my research, I found a 97% uptime. Every free web hosting company claims 99.99% uptime, but it’s always below 98%.
  • They have strong spam protection rules because humans monitor the websites. Humans can make a mistake, and there is a strong chance that your account might get deleted without your consent.

For a more detailed review, read: GoogieHost Review By 100% Trusted Users and Experts In Web Hosting.

Free Web Hosting for Students and Domain Name 

free web hosting for students- Student hosting

There is no need for a student to spend more money on projects when you can get very good free domains for students in India.

Best free website hosting for Students enables you not only to grab a chance to start a website without paying a single penny, and you can create a free website with the free domain name.

No one can provide you with a free top-level TLD domain because the company is already a non-profit organization, so they don’t run advertisements.

Free Web hosting for Students

They don’t sell your personal information, and they don’t force you to upgrade the account. The GoogieHost isn’t hosting international students for money.

Hosting international students’ projects websites, the company has found a way to provide you with a free domain, and it is a sub-domain solution.

We assume that you are a student and you want to practice the techniques like HTML 5, CSS Stylesheet, and more, then you can work on a subdomain-based website without any limitations.

Free Domain Name for Lifetime

We have mentioned that you can get a free domain name for students, but you cannot expect the GoogieHost team to provide a premium domain because it cost a few bucks for them as well.

However, they do provide a sub-domain that enables you to start a website without worrying about the limitations because you can use it at the maximum level.

You can create a free website with your own domain name and you can cPanel to run the website smoothly for your project.

  • GoogieHost offers sub-domain.
  • GoogieHost offers sub-domain.

They are available for free, and they don’t have any limitations or validity for a lifetime.

Create a Free Website with A Free Website Builder

The GoogieHost offers cPanel hosting to free users, and it comes with many features that led cPanel to rise to fame.

Free Website Builder

One of the major reasons cPanel Hosting Made Easy made it in the big leagues is because of the features and stability offered by the control panel.

  • It comes with a website builder that allows you to build a website from scratch.
  • The free website builder created keeping beginners in mind, so anyone with zero programming knowledge can make a website.
  • Play around with the website builder for a few minutes to half an hour because it helps you utilise the features and options in a better way. There is a saying “practice makes a person better” and playing around with the features and options will bring out the best in you.
  • cPanel is a common and powerful tool that offers website builder for free, and once you learn the main features and options, you can create a website in the future as well.

Professionals developed the free website builder from the cPanel team and they keep updating it to make your life easy.

The company always updates its packages, and you can take full advantage of the website builder, but make sure to practice before you try it.


GoogieHost Free Web Hosting for Students packs powerful features and options that many free web hosting companies are lacking today.

Let us know what you think about GoogieHost free web hosting for students in the comment section below.

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