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Do you manage your website on WordPress and sometimes worry about your data? Then I suggest that opting for the Best WordPress Backup plugin can be a lifesaver for you during catastrophic situations like when your site’s data gets corrupted or hacked by hackers or crackers.

So, having great backup support can set you free from all your worries. But if you are wondering which one is the best WordPress backup plugin for your WordPress site. Incomplete sentence

Now, you don’t have to wonder anymore. This article will mention the list of 5 Best WordPress Backup Plugins that will surely set you free from your worries and secure your site’s data.

backup plugins best WordPress backup plugins

As we all know, WordPress covers 20% of the sites on the internet. Many individuals and organizations use it for making blogs, business articles, portfolios, and many more. 

WordPress is an easy-to-use website-making platform that works on mobile and desktop devices. It does not even require any specific programming skills. It supports various paid and free plugins ( add-on software) that make it easy to use, flexible, and add new features.

Backup plugins are also one of those plugins that secure the site’s data. If you think you need a security plugin then you can read our post on Benefits Of 5 Best WordPress Security Plugins.

Let’s learn a little bit more about WordPress backup plugins. And take a look at the best WordPress backup plugins available in the market. 

If you are short on time and don’t want to go through the whole article, you can skip and select any topic in the Table of Content.

Introduction to WordPress backup Plugins

Image backup- Best WordPress backup plugins

A WordPress backup plugin works as a backup tool for your sites. So, in case your data got lost, corrupted due to a server crash, or got hacked. Then this plugin will help you to recover it with ease. 

In earlier times, data sets were stored in the same server, which raises security questions. But as time changes, new technologies come into play and improved data security. A WordPress plugin is one of them. It makes a copy of the data set, uploads it to various cloud servers or remote locations like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Amazon S3.

WordPress backup or restore plugins are easy to install. 

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard>click on plugins>add a new one to your site. 

There you’ll see plenty of options. Some of them will be free, and some paid, and then I know you’ll get stuck on how to choose the best one out of them. 

Well, to answer your question, scroll down and find out which one is the best for you. 

How to choose the best WordPress backup plugin

Undoubtedly there are numerous Backup plugins out there on WordPress but choosing the best one is quite a difficult task, especially if you are a beginner. 

So, to ease your task keep these points in mind:

  • Go for the plugin that allows you to backup your WordPress database. 
  • Choose one that will let you backup your entire website and including your database and all other files.
  • Having a scheduled backup is worth saving time and giving you peace of mind. So go for one that has a scheduled backup option.

Now, let’s get back to our list of the five best WordPress Backup plugins. These are handpicked from the pool of both paid and free plugins.

Best WordPress Backup Plugins

Here we’ll discuss their description, features, price alongside our verdict, and you’ll get to know what I think of this particular plugin. 

1. UpdraftPlus

Best WordPress backup plugin UpdraftPlus

If you are a person who doesn’t know much about programming stuff, then the UpdraftPlus WordPress backup plugin is for you. 

UpdraftPlus is a popular WordPress backup plugin in the market, packed with many free and premium features. This plugin supports both scheduled backups as well as on-demand backups. 

It automatically uploads your backup data on cloud storage servers like Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP, Rackspace, and many others.


  • Supports both Schedule backups and manually backups option
  • Uploads your backups on cloud storage services 
  • Easily restores backups from the control panel.
  • It also provides storage security options.
  • It supports plenty of plugins to enhance its functionality. 

Plans and Pricing  

Basic version Premium version
Free Starts at $42/year
One site storage Free multiple sites storage
Basic Email reporting Incremental Backups
Cloud storage Web dev, Microsoft, Google cloud 
Schedule backups Free email and forum support

Our verdict

UpdraftPlus is a great and most popular WordPress backup plugin in the market. It has got an average of 4.5 ratings out of 5 on multiple platforms and got over 2 million active installations. Well, that’s a huge milestone for such companies. The reason I put it on this list is that it offers lots of advanced features for free. And later, you can increase its functionality by buying its premium version. 

2. BackWPUp

Best WordPress backup plugin BackWPup

BackWPup is the best free WordPress plugin in 2023

That allows you to create a complete backup for free and stores it on the cloud. 

This plugin supports a scheduled backup feature that backs up your site’s data according to your site’s update frequency. 

BackWPup has over 600,000 active installations. Users find it an easy-to-use plugin that supports various storage options and provides complete automatic backup and restore. 


  • Supports automatic scheduled backups
  • Premium version of Store backups on Google Drive and Amazon Glacier
  • Backups on multiple server locations. 
  • Backups specific file path of your site according to your need

Plans and Pricing  

Basic versionPro version
FreeIt starts at $69/year.
Complete Database backupBackup to HiDrive
Multisite supportWizard for schedule backup
Backup ArchivesCustom API key for Dropbox
Backup to S3 services( Amazon, Google, and more)Automatic Backups

Our Verdict

Undoubtedly BackWPup is a widely popular backup plugin in the market with over 600,000 active users. 

If you have a small-scale business, then its free version features are enough for you, and if you want to go for more advanced features, buying a premium is not a bad option. 

3. VaultPress

Best WordPress backup plugin VaultPress

Jetpack is an alternative name of VaultPress, and in the market, it is popularly known for its alternative name. 

Jetpack offers the best quality features in its premium versions, such as real-time cloud Backup support, security scans, unlimited backup archives, and many more. But for that, you have to pay $49, and that’s a high pay price for beginners. 

But overall, even at the high price, VaultPress still holds the best WordPress backup plugin in the market. 


  • Supports daily and real-time cloud backup for WordPress
  • Daily performs comprehensive security scans and fixes threats.
  • Provide FTP and SSH information.
  • It lets you download any backup.

Plans and Pricing

Daily Backup planSecurity Daily planComplete plan
Automated Daily All daily backup featuresAll Daily security features
backup(off-site)Scan(daily, automated)Backup(real-time, off-site)
One-click restorationComplete and form protectionScan(real-time, automated)
Unlimited site storageUnlimited video hostingCRM: Entrepreneur bundle

Our verdict

VaultPress is a premium backup plugin. Suppose you use it for other purposes like CDN for photos, social media promotions, Elastic search, then you may consider it as a suitable choice. But if you want a decent Backup service, then I suggest it’s not a good deal. 

4. BoldGrid Backup

Best WordPress backup plugin BoldGrid

BoldGrid Backup plugin is a plugin of BoldGrid, which is a website builder powered by WordPress. It allows you to create your site’s backup with the support of automated backups. 

It also allows you to create your site’s backup manually with one click. BoldGrid supports automated fault protection, automatically configuring your site’s data before your site updates. 

It is bagged with some advanced features such as one-click restoration, stores backup on cloud servers, and many more.


  • It creates an automatic backup of your site before it updates.
  • Allows you to store up to 10 backup archives on your WordPress dashboard.
  • Stores data on remote storage locations like Amazon S3, FTP SFTP 

Plans and Pricing  

Basic planPremium plan
Automated backupToolset to prevent web crashes
Safe, consistent BackupsAutomated WordPress updates
Remote backups to S3 and Google driveAuto restore
Automated protectionAutomated site protection

Our verdict

BoldGrid is a decent WordPress backup plugin. You can easily create backups for your site data in just one click. Its free version is somewhat capable of small-scale handling business. However, if you run a large-scale business website, then you should opt for the premium version.

5. WP Time Capsule

Best WordPress backup plugin WPTimeCapsule

WP Time Capsule is one of the best WordPress backup plugins in 2023. It stores your site’s backup on widely popular cloud storage sites like Google Drive, Amazon S3, And Dropbox, making it an advanced secure plugin in this list. 

To fully optimize cloud storage sites, you have to connect it with one cloud storage site just after installing it on your WordPress site. Once it successfully connects, it will automatically start creating your site’s backup and storing it on whichever cloud storage site you choose.


  • Supports Off-site backups that store your backup data on Amazon S3, Google Drive, and Dropbox.
  • Restore your site’s database in one click. 
  • It Offers auto-backup before manual and auto-update.

Plans and Pricing

Basic planPremium plan
starts at $49/year$149- Lifetime
One-click stagingOne-click staging
30 days restore Windows365 days restore Windows
Two sitesUnlimited sites

Our verdict

WP Time Capsule backup plugin is simple to use, straightforward and user-friendly, and comes with a Cloud storage site. If you don’t want to pay monthly fees, this plugin offers one-time investment premium plans at an affordable price.  


So, these are top-notch, or we can say the best WordPress Backup plugins in 2023. They all are capable of working on both small and large-scale business sites. All of them offer complete site backup and database backup, along with it secures the data.

If you are a person who is low on his budget and wants a real-time Backup plugin, then I suggest you should go with JetPack. Because backing up your data every single day or hour can take too much time. But in the case of Jetpack, the data gets automatically stored on a Cloud storage server the moment you update it. 

Well, in the end, I highly recommend not to back up your site’s data on the same server on which you are hosting your site. The reason is simple: if, due to any calamity, your server gets crashed, then it’s impossible to restore the data from it. 

And one more thing, wisely choose those plugins that offer off-site backup support that means they store your data on cloud storage like Amazon S3, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

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