10 Best WordPress Survey Plugins for 2024

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Are you looking for the right tool to add a survey to your WordPress website?

Then you have landed at the right place, we are here with all the information about the best WordPress Survey Plugins in 2024.

You need to select the right tool to create a survey in WordPress and it is because a survey is extremely powerful in gathering insights about your visitors, business, and opens new opportunities.

10 Best WordPress Survey Plugins for 2024

To get genuine feedback from your website visitors, conducting surveys is one of the best ways.

With the data collected through surveys, you can make smart decisions to grow traffic on your website, improve your offerings, make more sales, and ultimately grow your business faster than ever.

What to look for in WordPress Survey Plugins in 2024?

Finding a WordPress Survey Plugin can be a tedious task. Before choosing a WordPress Survey Plugin, there are a few aspects to consider:

  • Survey design feature: A Survey Plugin will help you to get as many responses as possible with advanced features like conditional logic, multi-page forms, and even form abandonment so, choose the best WordPress Survey Plugins for your website.
  • Ease of use: An advanced Survey Plugin might be difficult to use however there are a lot of Survey Plugins available that are easy to use.
  • Survey reporting features: When you want to view your survey results, you need a plugin that will give you actionable reports that are easy to understand at a glance
  • Pricing: Cost is always an important consideration. Nonetheless, you are investing in your website, you don’t want to get ripped off by plugins that charge too much for too little.
  • Spam protection: Spam protection limits the number of fake submissions.

Here, below we have listed the 10 best WordPress Survey Plugins that you should prefer for your website.

Best WordPress Survey Plugins in 2024

1.  WPForms 

WPForms Survey Plugin is one of the most beginner-friendly and budget-friendly plugins in the WordPress market.


It comes with a robust drag and drops form builder that lets you create beautiful and responsive contact forms for your website within minutes.


  • Beginners friendly
  • It has in-built spam protection so you can make sure to only include valid responses in your reports.
  • It allows you to create forms that work great on any device.
  • It gives you the flexibility to customize your reports.


  • It offers a basic plan that starts at $31.60 per year and makes it budget-friendly.

2. Formidable Forms

Formidable forms are the best WordPress Forms Plugin if you are a developer or agency which makes advanced forms for clients.

10 Best WordPress Survey Plugins for 2024


  • It allows you to add several other form fields such as Likert fields, radio buttons, and more to make answering your questions easy for your visitors.
  • Easy to use
  • It allows you to create engaging surveys for your users.
  • It also offers a quiz feature with the Business plan.


  • Formidable Forms offer a Basic plan at $39.50 per year and allows you to use it on up to 5 sites.

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3. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is also a popular builder plugin that comes with a lot of advanced features to create Survey forms.

10 Best WordPress Survey Plugins for 2024

To make answering your questions fun and quick, you can add the Likert field. Also, you can use the rank field to let your users rank specific items on your survey.


  • Easy to use.
  • Gravity forms offer you several great add-ons, one of which is for adding survey forms.
  • It supports ratings and radio buttons to make your form appear more authentic and stylish.


  • It offers you the basic plan which starts at $59 per year.

4. Crowd Signal

Crowd Single offers poll and survey creation tools with an approach that fast and simple is the best way.

10 Best WordPress Survey Plugins for 2024

Also, you can ensure that all surveys look exactly the way you want them to.


  • You can place unlimited numbers of surveys on your website.
  • It includes 2,500 responses, data exports, and embedding of surveys.
  • It allows you to pick your brand color and work with premade themes without learning any code.
  • Here you will get real-time access to your surveys.


  • It is free for unlimited questions, surveys, ratings, and polls. For premium plans, you have to pay $15 per month when billed annually or $25 per month when billed monthly.

5. Quiz and Survey Master

Quiz and Survey Master is WordPress Survey Plugin that allows for images and videos on all surveys to add a hint of color and interactivity to the questionnaires.

10 Best WordPress Survey Plugins for 2024


  • It offers a new and innovative design process.
  • The core plugin is free to use.
  • It also includes solutions for content marketing, lead generation, ad revenue, online voting, and more.
  • It offers small business and high-performance packages with premium plans.


  • The starter plan will cost you around $129 per year with a free trial for 7 days.

6. Social Polls by Opinion Stage

Social Polls by Opinion Stage is one of the easiest ways to create anything from opinion polls, feedback surveys.

10 Best WordPress Survey Plugins for 2024

It allows you to create the items from scratch or using hundreds of optimized templates.


  • You can use it easily and create polls faster.
  • It displays poll results in real-time.
  • It also integrates with social networks to promote sharing and viral distribution of polls & quizzes.
  • You can customize the look by selecting the color theme, font style.


  • This WordPress Survey Plugin is free to use.

7. Total Poll Pro

Total Poll Pro is a powerful WordPress plugin that lets you propagate then integrate polls easily.

10 Best WordPress Survey Plugins for 2024

It affords various alternatives to enable full-fledged polls.


  • Easy to install and use.
  • It has a user-friendly interface with a mobile-first approach.
  • It offers unlimited poll choices, designs, colors, and layouts.


  • It offers a $59 Survey Plugin plan.

8. eForm

eForm is a premium WordPress Survey Plugin and it is popular due to the combination of survey features, payment elements, and quizzes.

10 Best WordPress Survey Plugins for 2024


  • It is simple, yet provides useful and unique tools like sliders and multi-page questionnaires.
  • You can create surveys using shortcodes, the standalone editor, and more.
  • It also includes social sharing for users to post their results on places like Twitter and Facebook.


  • It offers a one-time payment of $39.

9. WP-Polls

WP-Polls is a free WordPress survey plugin that helps you add basic surveys and polls to your site.

10 Best WordPress Survey Plugins for 2024

You can easily use the plugin from your WordPress dashboard, create a survey, and add your questions and multiple-choice options, and more.


  • With this, you will get instant results from your Survey.
  • It is open source so other developers can contribute to WP-Polls.
  • Easy to use.
  • You can add surveys and polls anywhere on your site.


  • It is a free WordPress Survey Plugin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which WordPress Survey Plugin is Right for you?

WPForms is the best WordPress Plugin to create a survey as it comes with a Survey and Polls addon that you can turn on and create engaging surveys for your website visitors and customers.

How do I choose a Plugin for WordPress?

Choose the plugins that are frequently updated within the past two months, and are operating on the latest version of WordPress.

Also, check the last date a plugin updated before choosing it for you.

How many Plugins Should I Use in WordPress?

You can use as many WordPress Plugins as necessary to run your website and grow your business work.

On average, it is quite common for a business website to have at least 20-30 Survey Plugins.


We have discussed some of the best WordPress survey plugins that you can try out for creating a survey form for your website.

Now it is your time to choose from the above-listed WordPress Survey Plugins to get real data from your website visitors to grow your business faster than ever.

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