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Most of you might have heard about WordPress; WP Rocket and Total Cache are the plugins for it. They both have the same working, but the very difference between them is WP Rocket is Premium, and W3 Total Cache is Freemium.

Are you here for WP Rocket vs W3 Total Cache? You’ll get it here, and I will also give you some extra information like what is caching, any alternatives of WP Rocket and W3 Total Cache. I will also tell you about the W3 Total Cache Setting and WP Rocket Setting.

WP Rocket WP3 Total Cache WordPress plugins

Suppose you ask in one line what the difference is between WP Rocket and W3 Total Cache. In that case, I will say WP Rocket is the most popular premium caching plugin for WordPress. At the same time, W3 Total Cache is the most popular free caching plugin for WordPress.

What is Caching?

I won’t get into deep and technical details of cache. I’ll keep it very simple and precise.

So, caching is the process of storing copies of files in a cache or temporary storage location to be accessed more quickly.

WP Rocket vs W3 Total Cache | Best WordPress caching Plugin Found!

Caches are temporary storage of data that can exist in hardware as well as software. Cache memory refers to the specific hardware component that allows computers to create caches at various levels of the network.

As much as caching is important, there are certain common errors that you might encounter like too many redirects that get resolved if you delete the cache. It is a very fine balance that need to be kept in mind.

What is a WP Rocket?

It’s okay if you haven’t heard about WP Rocket. It is a WordPress Cache Optimising tool for your website. WP Rocket is one of the most famous WordPress Premium Cache Optimisers.

What is W3 Total cache?

Suppose your website deals with latency issues, taking too much time to load the site. In that case, weak security reasons, excessive size, can’t manage high traffic, low web server performance.

WP Rocket vs W3 Total Cache | Best WordPress caching Plugin Found!

Then from over 1 million plugins out there, W3 Total cache can be a choice for you.

W3 Total cache

It is a WPO(WordPress Performance Optimization) framework for WordPress, providing a free CDN integration plugin. It improves the performance of your site server and speeds up your site.

Some widely talked Attributes about W3 Total cache :

  • It supports SSL(secure socket layer).
  • AMP(Accelerated mobile page).
  • Minifying or compressing caches
  • Can work with dedicated, VPS, shared hosting servers.
  • Peer-to-peer data sharing with CDN.
  • Caching database objects in memory
  • Improves SEO
  • Minifying page cache, web cache
  • Translated over 15+ languages
  • Developers of W3 Total cache
  • Maxicus C
  • Gidomanders
  • Brad Mackler
  • Harry Jackson
  • Joe cartonia

As W3 Total cache is open-source software and anyone can positively foresee it. Currently, it’s working on v2.1.2.

WP Rocket Vs W3 Total Cache

WP Rocket

The WP Rocket WordPress plugins are available in Pre-activated mode.

The WP Rocket plugins come with premium version themes.

The WP Rocket plugins are used for cache pre-loading of WordPress websites.

The WP Rocket plugins are used for data optimization of WordPress websites.

The page loading time of WP Rocket is 2.5 seconds.

W3 Total Cache

The W3 Total Cache WordPress plugins are not available in Pre-activated mode.

The W3 Total Cache plugins come with free as well as premium version themes.

The W3 Total Cache plugins are not used for cache pre-loading of WordPress sites.

The W3 Total Cache plugins are not used for data optimization purposes.

The page loading time of W3 Total Cache is 1.8 seconds.

Which caching plugins are better among WP Rocket and W3 Total Cache?

WP3 Total Cache vs WP Rocket webpage

It depends on your individual needs. If you need good performance caching, then you need WordPress Rocket caching plugins.

If you want to Decrease the loading time of your WordPress website, then W3Rocket plugins is better than W3 Total Cache plugins.

WP Rocket plugins are available in the pre-activated state. In comparison, W3 Total cache plugins are not available in the pre-activated state.

As we know, WordPress Rocket plugins always come with premium versions only. Whereas, W3 Total Cache plugin always comes with free versions as well as premium versions. 

If you start creating websites from WordPress and do not want to spend your money on caching plugins, it is better to use W3 Total Cache plugins. The WordPress Rocket caching plugins are used in the data optimization of your WordPress websites. 

But in the case of W3 Total Cache, plugins are not used for data optimization of your WordPress website. 

The W3 Total Cache plugins are handy for beginner’s work. The W3 Total Cache plugins and WordPress Rocket plugins both have a one million installation rate. Both these caching plugins are popular. 

The page loading time of WP Rocket plugins is more as compared to the W3 Total Cache plugins. And so many people want to increase the ranking of your website.

If you wish to better rank on search engines, you need W3 Total cache plugins that load your WordPress website in 1.8 seconds per web page. 

Are there any alternatives to WP rockets?

Are you looking for an alternative to WP rocket? You’ll get your answers soon. 

WP3 total cache or WP Rocket Hmm sticker

As a web developer, everyone wants their sites to be top in ranking in Google. For this, one should look forward to many SEO factors.

Let’s have a look what are those SEO factors:

  • Image quality
  • Domain name
  • Keywords
  • Optimized content 
  • Speed 
  • Mobile-friendliness

These are some standard SEO features, and there are many more in the charts.

Let’s cover Speed Factors. 

As your website gets older and older with time and the content is being uploaded daily. Then the data which is stored by web servers becomes gigantic.

And if traffic increases on your site, it faces some lag issues or may take time to load data from the server. To solve this problem, caching plugins come into play.

"Cache Plugins stores data generated when a user accesses your website in a ram/disk. "

WordPress provides many plugins. Some are premium ones, and some are free; you have to install them from one tap installer.

WP Rocket is the best caching tool, but it is costly, and mostly new developers can’t afford them.

Here are some free /budgeted alternatives to WP rocket



Is WordPress Rocket free?

Yes, you can indeed download WordPress Rocket plugins for free of cost from the official website of gplbeast.in. So many people think that these plugins contain various viruses.

So if you want to check the virus presence of the WordPress Rocket plugins, then check the virus presence in the official website of Virus Total and upload your website to check the presence of virus in the free WordPress Rocket plugins. 

WordPress Rocket plugins are used in speed optimization. With the help of these plugins, which are available in pre-activated mode or state, the load time of your WordPress website decreases.

You can use these plugins in unlimited projects such as commercial projects. If you want your website to rank better on google, then one factor responsible for website ranking is the Response Rate. 

But this WordPress rocket plugin is not used in blogs and blogging websites. WordPress Rocket plugins are used to clear the cache memory of your WordPress website, and it is also used to remove the various viruses.

It is a super cache plugin. It comes with free as well as paid or in premium version themes.

How do I use the W3 Total cache?

W3 Total cache plugin is the most popular WordPress plugin used in your website to decrease the loading time of your WordPress website. We use the W3 Total cache plugin to increase the speed of your WordPress website.

The W3 Total cache WordPress plugin has 1 million active installations on WordPress. You have to activate this plugin because it has not come with pre-activated mode.

You have to enable the preview mode to see the preview of the W3 Total Cache plugin. You have to allow the page to cache; after you’ve enabled caching, the speed of your WordPress website increases fastly.

Can I use the Autoptimize plugin with WordPress Rocket?

Yes, in WordPress, you can use WordPress Rocket with an auto-optimize plugin because it has built-in compatibility for auto-optimize to ensure smooth sailing.

As we know, the autoptimize WordPress plugin is trending, and more than 1 million people have installed the autoptimize WordPress plugin.

It is better compared to the W3 Tool cache plugin. When you apply the auto-optimization plugin of WordPress to your WordPress website, this plugin works on your website.

It creates a cache file between users and visitors. And when any users request, this plugin displays the response from the cache file very fastly between the users in the web browser.


If I compare WP Rocket Vs. W3 Total Cache, my opinion would be that WP Rocket is the most popular premium caching plugin for WordPress, and W3 Total Cache is the most popular free caching plugin. 

You have to opt for the most suitable one with all the amenities available in your budget. If you talk about WP Rocket, it gives proper optimization to your websites.

Still, there are some in which both the plugins work the same with the same functionality. You can find some interesting videos on YouTube about w3 total cache’s best settings.

I’ll pin you some video links for the best settings for W3 Total Cache and WP Rocket.

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