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There are plenty of websites suggesting the Best WordPress Payment Plugins but are they efficient enough to solve your problems?

In this article, you will get an honest suggestion for WordPress Payment Gateway Plugin, which will ultimately solve your problems and is also easy to use.

You will get all your queries fulfilled, and your website will get the Best WooCommerce Payment Gateways. 

WordPress Payment Plugins-Online Payment

If you have already created your eCommerce site, that’s great. But if not, and you are considering how to make an online market to sell your products and services, you might want to consider WordPress Marketplace themes to create sites like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and other such sites.

It’s time for your eCommerce website to get the Best WordPress Payment Plugin so that you can start earning with your platform. With the help of the payment plugins, you can also satisfy your customers with the most suitable payment method without additional service charges.

It might look so easy to find the best WordPress payment plugins, but there are many factors before selecting the right one. You get to know about everything, thoroughly go through the article.

Let’s get started with some basic questions.

Why do you need E-Payments?

An e-payment account provides some other way to send and receive money online. A growing quantity of human beings uses e-payment organizations because they could make it less difficult to transfer cash and make purchases. They also mean you don’t have to share your card details.

You have a website related to E-commerce, and your client wants to make a transaction. How will he do? Is he going to ask you for your UPI ID? Or will he travel for kilometers so that he can pay you cash?

If you have a Woocommerce payment gateway, your client can make the payment from its most comfortable zone, just like other big companies accept payments.

What is a WordPress online payment gateway?

Payment gateways are the third-party service companies that permit you to accept online bills for your eCommerce store. However, now not all of them have the same policies, processing charges, and features. Choosing an unsuitable payment gateway will increase your costs and hurt your enterprise’s lengthy period.

The Pros and The Cons of Online Payment


  • If you compare E-payment with cash payment, you will find that E-payment is more manageable, more comfortable, and suitable for everyone in this pandemic condition.
  • As you know, it is the quickest way to pay anyone. As compared to cash transactions, online payment is better, and it has a one-click payment process.
  • When you compare with cash transactions, online payment will increase sales for marketers, shopkeepers, and people in business.


  • Sometimes, you have to face an internet connection problem which is a technical fault. 
  • Sometimes, your bank’s server fails so that you cannot pay anyone at that time, which is one of the technical faults in your bank.
  • Sometimes, hackers steal your payment information when your websites have no security. Sometimes with inadequate validation, the hackers add some quotes and hack your payment information.

Various WordPress Payment Methods

WordPress Payment Plugins-card payment

There are some various WordPress Payment Methods are as follows:


PayPal is a web payment platform that operates in 202 international locations. PayPal makes it less complicated as a way to receive bills in 25 currencies in recent times. 

Therefore, the likelihood that a WordPress charge gateway is offered for you to know your location is very high. The consistent $30/mo carrier charges are deducted from your bank account for the PayPal gateway. 

The processing charge and transaction gateway depends on your financial institution account and the volume of your enterprise. 

As you understand, PayPal is offering 24×7 superior encryption, fraud protection, and account tracking so that PayPal users are free from those troubles. The motto of PayPal is to give their customers the best service possible and reaching their comfort zone for making any transaction.


Stripe is also up WordPress Payment Methods, which is one of the strongest challengers of PayPal. Stripe is in business use in over 26 nations. If it is available in your area, you are capable of taking delivery of bills out of your clients in greater than 135 international locations around the sector.

The transaction is charged by way of Stripe. However, suppose the average transaction size is small on your internet site. In that case, the history of PayPal costs decreases transaction discipline. 

Stripe charges a low quantity of transaction rate from every customer. These customers charge $10 or less than $10 as a processing fee. You do not require any merchant account to acquire your money, and it’s automatically transferred to your connected account.


Authorize.Net is one of the famous and PCI-certified plugins available for an initial setup of $49. You may be charged $ 25 per month as a monthly price and maintain this plugin very well.

Authorize.Net integrates very quickly with the opposite plugins like Magneto, Shopify, QuickBooks, and Moolah. However, it isn’t like Stripe. Here, you have to make a merchant account to acquire bills from Authorize.Net robotically.


Square is one of the more affordable and comfortable payment gateways. Square has free-to-download WordPress Payment Plugins that charges no monthly fees, which is very beneficial for every WordPress user.

The Square allows you to accept payments from a wide array of methods. The payment is directly transferred to your linked bank account on the next business day.

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is one of the secure and popular platforms for your business. The benefit of using Amazon Pay is that shopkeepers do not have to leave your website to complete their payment as soon as possible. Users are capable of logging in with the Amazon account Amazon very quickly.

How Gateways works?

WordPress Payment Plugins-pay online

Accepting payments on your Woocommerce platform will open up many opportunities for you to earn more. Let’s see how it works.

Here’s how it works:

  • Customer adds a product or service from your website to the cart
  • They will enter checkout and select a payment method.
  • It invites the payment gateway, which appears to your customers
  • The customer fills in their payment details in the gateway app. It could be a credit card, PayPal login, or something else
  • The gateway securely transfers the fund data to its native servers
  • The payment server authorizes or declines the payments after contacting the credit card servers or PayPal
  • If it authorizes the payment, the gateway is informed that the fund is in transit
  • The payment gateway informs your eCommerce site of payment acceptance. 
  • Your website informs the customer that the product or service has been released for download or delivery.
  • The gateway then transfers the funds to your bank account
  • The transaction is complete

How to choose the right Payment Plugin for your WordPress Site?

Let’s only talk about the main points so that you can select the right payment plugin for your Woocommerce gateway.

  • Transaction Fee: Many WooCommerce payment gateways take transaction charges from their users, and the fee can be increased or decreased depending upon your business location, customer card type, and the payment gateway you used.
  • Additional charges: These charges are different from transaction charges. Some WooCommerce payment service providers may add some add-on service charges to you or your customers, which will have a terrible impact on your client.
  • Recurring Payments: Nowadays, taking membership is a widespread thing, so keep in mind that your plugin supports recurring payment methods. 
  • Target your Region: If your traffic is from India, you must remember that people are comfortable with UPI transactions in India.

Before selecting the right WordPress Payment Plugins, you must keep in mind all the above points.

Top-Rated WordPress Payment Plugins

Here you will get to know about the Top-Rated WordPress plugins with their features or benefits.

PayPal Plus for WooCommerce

PayPal Plus for WooCommerce

The official PayPal plugin is PayPal plus for WooCommerce. The PayPal Plus for WooCommerce integrates all PayPal plus payment methods into your WooCommerce shop, like pay by invoice, Debit card, and credit card.


  • Express Checkout Gateway
  • Safe Enough to ensure your payment is in secure hands
  • PCI conformability 
  • Transparent environment
  • Attract More Customers because PayPal is a big name in the market
  • Easier Integration
  • Cash Back Facility

Payment Methods

  • PayPal
  • Debit card
  • Credit Card
  • Pay upon invoice

FONDY Payment Platform

FONDY Payment Platform

Fondy is a way of global payment. Fondy is used for small-sized businesses and medium-sized businesses. It is a comfortable way to accept online payment globally throughout the world.


  • Loyal Tariffs
  • Quickstart
  • Prompt Payouts
  • High-Quality Service
  • Financial Flexibility

Payment Methods

Bank Cards

  • Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Discover, JCB, and others

Alternate Method

  • Trustpay, Alipay, WeChat Pay, Safetypay, iDEAL, SEPA, Skrill, and others.

WooCommerce Payments

WooCommerce Payments

WooCommerce payment is a WordPress payment gateway for more than 30 countries. WooCommerce WordPress plugins accept payments from Debit cards, UPI, Credit cards, 70+ Net banking.


  • Fully integrated with the WooCommerce backend
  • Fully integrated with WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • Instant and delayed capture
  • Full and partial refunds
  • Void transactions

Payment Methods

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Subscriptions
  • Multiple Currencies

WooCommerce PayU EU Payment Gateway

WooCommerce PayU EU Payment Gateway is a WordPress plugin that is used because it is secure. The collection of Debit cards, credit cards, and prepaid card data will be displayed.


  • It automatically updates payment status once the order is completed or canceled
  • Allows refund of complete or partial orders.

Payment methods

  • Bank List
  • Payment Card
  • Secure Form
  • Blik
  • Installments

Pronamic Pay

Pronamic Pay

It is the complete payment plugin for the WordPress website. It accepts payments through the credit cards and iDEAL of the customers. So if you want to start a business in the Dutch market, then you need iDEAL.


  • Built-in Security measures
  • Quick configurations
  • Automatic Status Update
  • Works with Every Plugin
  • Over 100000 Downloads
  • Regular Updates for the latest plugins

Payment Methods 

  • iDEAL 
  • Bancontact 
  • Sofort
  • credit card

PeachPay for WooCommerce

PeachPay payment

PeachPay for WooCommerce payment provides you a one-click checkout functionality to your WooCommerce shop. A checkout button is added to your product and cart pages.


  • Clients can check out directly on the product page
  • Upcoming customers have one-click checkout Options
  • PeachPay’s customers can purchase from your store in one click, which helps in increasing conversion rates
  • 3D Secure and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) support
  • Conveniently view orders and payments in your existing dashboards

Mollie Payments for WooCommerce

Mollie Payments for WooCommerce

Mollie Payment for WooCommerce accepts payments from your Debit card, Credit card, gift card, and SEPA. Mollie Payment for WooCommerce works on both local payment and international payment methods. It supports all the Mollie Payment Gateway methods. It is WordPress multisite supportive.


  • Compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions for recurring payments (credit card, iDEAL, SEPA Direct Debit, and more)
  • Transparent pricing
  • No startup fees
  • No monthly fees and No gateway fees
  • A partial Refund is also there
  • Multiple Translations
  • WPML Support
  • Powerful Dashboard

Payment Methods

  • Credit Cards
  • ApplePay
  • Paypal
  • Klarna
  • Local Payments including iDeal, Bancontact, SOFORT Banking, EPS, and others


With this, we come to an end. I hope you must have got all your queries satisfied and might also have found the best WordPress payment plugins for your website.

It would be best to start working on your growth. At the same time, these WordPress Payment Gateway plugins will help your clients make payment quickly and with complete faith in your payment gateway.

All the plugins are safe and secure enough to keep your fund and transactions history. Different plugins have different features, so it’s totally up to you which payment plugin suits you the most.

You can comment down below for any queries or suggestions. We are preparing some very informative articles for you, so don’t forget to check for new articles.  

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