Create, Listen and Engage with these 7 Best Podcast WordPress Themes

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Podcasts are in vogue. The ultimate possibilities while introducing your digital broadcast can be incredible if you are considering developing your brands, associating with your intended interest group, or essentially engaging a large audience. 

Because of this variety of WordPress Podcast Themes, making a site to go with your most popular podcast themes has never been simpler. 


With various available options for a podcast website template, it becomes difficult to choose the best podcast WordPress themes for your site. The mapping and structure of these themes can be enticing to your business-oriented minds. 

The podcast themes make it comparatively easier to exhibit your site podcast. Regardless of whether you’re promoting the sound content yourself or utilizing one of the many sound record-keeping features, it will be a hassle-free experience for all the site owners. 

Best Podcast WordPress Themes

In this blog, we’ll be providing a detailed summary of the Best Podcast WordPress Themes of 2024 that will help you in boosting your blog or business. 

Plugins and themes make website customization easy, like with security plugins you can enhance the security of WordPress, and add and edit footer widgets with the help of theme customization.

Podcast WordPress Themes

By adding the delightful podcast website templates, you can present your audio content as per your requirements. It reveals numerous additional broadcasting alternatives for you and has a player you can connect with your WordPress site.

Once you start using Podcast for your written content, the success rate of your website increases at a great rate. 

So, let’s dive right in and find out the perfect podcast theme for your WordPress site!!!


Megaphone is a perfectly incorporated WordPress plugin composed to improve your positioning and deal with your audio podcast site right away. 

Create, Listen and Engage with these 7 Best Podcast WordPress Themes

It is a perfect claim which equally serves for individual podcasts and enormous podcast networks. 

  • This WordPress podcast plugin comes with various hosts and plays. 
  • It can furthermore be employed for online radio broadcasts with live music streaming. 
  • You can make use of the podcaster WordPress theme to launch your Audio Book sites as well! 
  • Megaphone can be used with Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, MixCloud, Stitcher, PodBean, Blubrry LibSyn, Spreaker, Cadence, Podomatic, Deezer, and many others.
  • You don’t have to be a coding expert to be able to create podcasts for your WordPress site. All you have to do is pick a template, add matter and that’s it. Let your voice be heard! 
  • You can put up a different portfolio or profiles to make a better portrait of yourself and even your team to your audiences.

In any kind of niche or choice, it can stand up into the very long line of best podcast WordPress themes. Starting from usability to personalization, you are going to experience a smooth time while using Megaphone. 


It’s a phenomenal WordPress podcasting theme developed explicitly for podcasters, music groups, video blogs, and other multimedia websites.

Create, Listen and Engage with these 7 Best Podcast WordPress Themes

It includes a great modern landing page format that puts your media upfront and center. 

Tusant is a Podcast WordPress theme best applied for Podcast, Music fluxing, and Video designs. 

Reasons why the Tusant Podcast theme is one of the best Podcast WordPress themes::

  • This is ideal for Podcaster’s theme, Podcast Networks WordPress theme, Bands, Musicians, Vlogs, and for any sound or video-related venture! 
  • Tusant WordPress theme upholds versatile Audio and video springs, designs, inflicts and that’s just the beginning. 
  • You can exhibit your podcast player anywhere on the site. The theme is light and handy, perfect for all website owners.  
  • The Tusant theme permits implanting records from Libsyn, SoundCloud, MixCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, and the sky is the limit from there. 


Astra is an attractive WordPress theme that allows you to create a podcast or multimedia site with zero fuss. It incorporates an incredibly amazing drag-and-drop webpage developer like Beaver Builder to redesign your site pages. 

Create, Listen and Engage with these 7 Best Podcast WordPress Themes

Reasons why the Astra is one of the best WordPress themes:

  • This theme not only makes your site agile but lets you execute the features so that the site resembles precisely how you need it.
  • Visual theme customizer makes deploying the features quick and easy.
  • It accompanies diverse shading, header choices, page designs, custom foundations, implicit Google text styles, and much more
  • The theme is light and quick which settles it as an ideal decision for podcasters. 
  • Even before the professional arrival of Gutenberg, Astra was amongst the principal theme to rival Gutenberg’s compatibility. Today, Astra allows Gutenberg to use free starter formats for the most general library, the capacity to make custom designs with the proofreader, and consequently manage Gutenberg’s styling. 
  • Astra is additionally intended for great WordPress SEO (site improvement) to help your site rank exceptionally in Google.


Roogan is an exclusively individual digital theme, built for creators, business professionals, doctors, columnists – simply anybody aspiring to launch a podcast website. 

Create, Listen and Engage with these 7 Best Podcast WordPress Themes

Roogan is a mishmash of engaging formats outlined explicitly for podcasters, with an inclusive feature, including an amazing Audio Player.  

  • Roogan is a personal audio/video Podcast WordPress theme idea that completely upholds Spotify, iTunes and Google Podcast, YouTube, etc. 
  • This podcast theme also recommends SoundCloud, MixCloud, and Stitcher, and other fascinating channels! Pick a format you like, install your matter and you are all set!
  • Have you seen certain articles display how much time it will take for you to read the whole content? Yes, that’s it! Roogan allows you to add Reading time to your content.
  • It also comes with a customizer that lets you preview the changes you’ve made in real-time. You can customize images as per your specifications and choose the image size that suits your requirements. 


Satchmo is an exquisite and incredible WordPress theme and works outstandingly for Podcast possessors. It is as much popular as some other WordPress themes for podcasters who wish to feature their digital recording. 

Create, Listen and Engage with these 7 Best Podcast WordPress Themes

Let’s look into its amazing features:

  • Supports browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Opera. 
  • You can customize Satchmo with their WordPress Customizer. 
  • Satchmo is an advanced theme. It allows first-rate execution of page speed and SEO. 
  • It comes with a Single Click Demo Install. This imports the whole demo content with just one click. 
  • It’s loaded with Podcast-related features like an interpretation module, that helps interpret your podcast in different languages.
  • Satchmo uses more than 900 Google Fonts.


Vice is a multi-functional advanced WordPress podcast theme that allows for a comprehensive span of designs. 

It comprises all segments of the music patronage, for bands, DJs, musicians also be for podcasters. 

  • Despite whether you are a particularly fastidious client, Vice accomplishes the work and ensures it deals with the entirety of your cravings. 
  • Vice’s handiness and portable altruism are keys for audience chapters. It is an innovative development in the nanotechnology segment. 
  • In current days we have our cell phones tuned in to podcasts. So with Vice, you propose an outstanding customer practice to all enthusiasts.
  • A refined sound player accompanies the Vice theme. It stimulates automatically, allows a transparent tone, and assists you with scoring the entire feed to the player’s outline effortlessly.
  • You can set the sound to begin playing upon your sites’ heap and highlight a video behind the scenes. 
  • It lets you alter the subject to your liking making it a one-of-a-kind place for your conducive podcast show.


Dixie is an all-in-one theme. It comes with exciting features to hold your audience with you and allows you to track their engagement with time. 

Create, Listen and Engage with these 7 Best Podcast WordPress Themes

It is integrated with Podbean, Speakers, and other platforms so that you can easily connect your podcast.

  • It has a beautiful music player feature at the header, which can be used to play recent audios. 
  • You can upload videos with your content if you so desire. 
  • Everything is pre-set for a perfect podcast website. If you even want to show your own profile alongside your team, then there is also a scope to do that with images and even social media. All the pre-loaded templates will give you a large variety of choices.
  • This theme allows you to engage your audience for a long time with exciting features and designs. 
  • It is also supported by so email services. So, you can easily boost your audiences’ interest by mailing them or sending them newsletters. 
  • It has a fully customizable and optimized overview. It is actually more known for its personalized user experience. It is the theme by which you can just start your own podcast site with just a few clicks.


Is WordPress good for podcasting?

WordPress is the most popular CMS in today’s world. The easy-to-use interface and easy installation of themes, make it a great choice for creating podcasts. This way you are able to engage your customers more than before. 

Various podcast plugins and themes come with a variety of features. You just have to choose the one most suitable for your website.

What are some good podcast topics?

Choosing a podcast topic depends on which niche you want to invest your time in and have the aptitude for. 

You can create a podcast for various niches like Digital Marketing, technical trends, investments, psychology, sports, poetry, language, tutorials, mythology, etc. 

It’s a vast ocean and it all depends on your favorite niche.

What are the top WordPress themes for 2023?

Megaphone, Tusant, Astra, Roogan, Satchmo, Vice, and Dixie are a few of the top WordPress themes that market analysis tells us, are best suited for 2023. 

They come with some best-integrated features for WordPress that will help you grow your website and drive more user engagement.

How do I embed a podcast on WordPress?

Once you have chosen the podcast for your webpage, all you need to do is click on Share>toggle to embed>copy embed code.

Then go to your WordPress page where you would like to embed the podcast, click on the + symbol to add a block>select code>paste the code> transform to preformat>publish.

And that’s it, your webpage now has a podcast available for its users.

Summing Up

Distributing show notes, sponsorship subtleties, and digital podcasts are covered by the best podcast WordPress theme that we have listed for you

Let us know if you tried any of the above podcast themes for WordPress, and what are your thoughts regarding them. 

There are various other plugins that make content management an easy job for you. You can even tell us if you would like to do thorough research on a WordPress plugin of your choice and we’ll do it for you ASAP.

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