Best Plugins for WordPress- Boost your SEO Ranking #1

No one can deny that ranking a WordPress blog is an easier task, but with the help of the best plugins for WordPress. WordPress is an open-source Content management system that Google loves.

Every blog needs best plugins for WordPress installed on the site for better search engine visibility.

However, many newbies lack knowledge in on-page SEO because the hype of off-page SEO blinds this side of the optimization.

However, we know the importance of wp SEO structured data schema, WordPress meta tag plugins and more.

Our team is going to put together basic plugins that can change the WordPress SEO plugins structure.

Are You Ready For Boost Your SEO Ranking 2021?

In 2021, every site analyst focuses on the relevancy because the Google search engine has become difficult to rank.

Almost 30% of the sites lost traffic within a matter of weeks, so we are going to focus more on the on-page SEO than off-page SEO.

Why We Need WordPress Plugins?

There several reasons why we need the assistance of the best plugins for WordPress. Allow us to list a few points that will help you understand the importance of the best Plugins for WordPress.

  1. WordPress plugins eliminate manual work.
  2. If you want to optimize the site in a few clicks without going deep into coding, then this is a great option.
  3. Millions of feedback & improvements helped the plugins to get better. In short, the developers have spent a lot of time improving it, and it can do a better job than a beginner can do in on-page SEO.
  4. Many beginners did not hear about the best Rich Snippets & Schema Plugins For WordPress.
  5. The developers did not sell the premium version because they wanted to increase the number of downloads. Fortunately, the popular add-ons have the premium version, but it does offer a free version.

A few clicks can solve on-page SEO and its the easiest way to optimize your site for search engines.

Best Plugins for WordPress

Every newbie wants to terminate the burden from their hands,and they do not have to worry about the on-page SEO of the site.

Keep it in mind that we are suggesting the best SEO plugin for WordPress 2021 after testing them for years.

The list isn’t a randomly selected plugin or someone has recommended it. Our team used these plugins in projects and sites, then we have concluded that it works.

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

Best Plugins for WordPress and SEO plugin for WordPress 2021 Yoast SEO plugin stands on the top. The founder Joost de Valk developed the first-ever Yoast SEO 2.0 to make the on-page SEO easy.

Best Plugin for WordPress

There were plenty of SEO plugins in the market, but it stands out of the crowd by offering it for free. The Yoast SEO took off because it made on-page SEO easy and it was available for free.

The primary reason we use it is that it provides you with content optimization tips.

You can check the readability score of the content, redirect manager, content insights, internal linking suggestions, no duplicate content, and more.

Alternative: All in One SEO Plugin

Currently, we are using All in One SEO plugin in many sites because it is an excellent replacement for the Yoast SEO.

It offers similar features in the free version that are available in the premium version of Yoast.

Best Plugin for WordPress

The plugin offers XML sitemap, Images XML sitemap, Advanced Canonical URLs, Google AMP & analytics support, Redirection pages to the parent post, META tags generator, WooCommerce SEO support, Built-in API and more.

Rich Snippet WordPress Plugin

Rich Snippets are one of the underrated functions in Best Plugins for WordPress. It does not suit every site because the use of Rich Snippets found in review portals, product sites, shopping sites, and more.

Best Plugin for WordPress

If your site falls into a small e-commerce store, product review site, product listing,  and more, then a rich snippet is a must for driving traffic.

Search Term: “iPhone X Review.

We found more than four sites using rich snippets to explain the product in ratings.

Even Google shopping suggestions use the ratings to explain the product quality, features, price to value, and others in simple ratings 4.7 out of 5.

Best Plugins for WordPress

SEO Image Optimizer

No one can deny that search engines focus more on the site loading speed as a ranking factor.

Yes, if you have a fast loading page, then search engines consider it as a ranking factor. You can find millions of pages on search engines on the first page that loads faster than normal sites.

Best Plugin for WordPress

A website called “appuals” does not include more than four images.

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Several posts do not have images in it to explain the tutorial visually. The interesting point about the niche is that they have to add images to guide the readers visually.

The management knows that a fast loading page is an important aspect. They did not add image optimizer in the past, but they have enabled it,and it allows them to compress the images in lossless quality.

  1. a) The site loads the images,and you cannot have above 100 KB+ image files in the posts,and an image optimizer compresses the file size.
  2. b) The image optimizer also helps you to add meta tags in it.

Optimized images can help you drive traffic from Google Images and partners.

Cache Plugin

Let’s assume that a visitor opens a page of your website, then the request is sent to the hosting server,and it accesses the database.

Best Plugin for WordPress

The cache plugin saves a copy of the site, and it stores in the Best Plugins for WordPress, so when the visitor requests, then cache loads it instantly.

Cache Benefits:

  1. a) The performance of the site enhances, and the visitor’s experience improves. The site loads faster because we have suspended the dynamic database queries.
  2. b) The Caching technology eliminates pressure on the hosting server and the memory saved and I/O operations. If you are using a limited hosting plan, then it is an excellent option.
  3. c) The website loading speed significantly improves, and it signals the search engine that the website intends to improve speed. The ranking factor kicks in, and you can see that the search engine ranking the posts a little better.


The best plugins for WordPress is a complete package of on-page search engine optimization.

Let us know what do you think about the best free SEO plugin for WordPress 2018 in the comment section below.

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