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Nowadays, each website needs a caching plugin because the caching actually speeds up your website transitions and even responds quickly.

There are tons of Cache plugins available in the market. Still, the top-notch cache plugins are LiteSpeed Cache and WP Rocket. In today’s article, LiteSpeed Cache vs WP Rocket, we’ll be comparing the features of the two caching plugins for WordPress.

LiteSpeed Cache vs WP Rocket

WP Rocket is the most famous Free WordPress Plugin used for rewriting the guidelines to inform the webserver to search for the cached content in your website. It places pages inside the cache with the help of writing to the file system. 

The WP Rocket begins to purge the pages from the cache by way of removing the documents.

LiteSpeed is the most optimized WordPress cache plugin that works similarly. Still, there’s a very mind-changing difference: LS cache is free to use, and WP Rocket is Freemium.

The built-in cache module of the LiteSpeed Internet Server completes the primary LS Cache function. The plugin gives a smooth experience for WordPress to communicate with the cache engine.

The LiteSpeed Cache supports the wildcard usage in CDN (Content Delivery Network) support. WP Rocket does not support wildcard usage in CDN (Content Delivery Network).

The WP Rocket license begins at $49 per year. There is no free option or trial version. However, they do offer a 14-day cash-back guarantee. The LiteSpeed Cache plugin is 100% free of cost without spending any money.

Still, a LiteSpeed web server must use the server-side cache, and there can be charges on your needs. The open-source version is Open Lite Speed, or you may need to get an agency license.

LiteSpeed Cache vs WP Rocket

Here, I want to share information about the two caching plugins known as LiteSpeed Cache vs. WP Rocket, respectively. 

Litespeed Cache vs WP Rocket

The crawler of WP Rocket simulates a non-logged-in desktop user visit. In contrast, the crawler of LiteSpeed cache simulates a non-logged-in desktop user visit by default. Still, you can also configure it to crawl as a mobile user.


Now I will talk about the benefits of caching in WordPress, such as enhancing your website’s loading speed and overall performance. Static cached documents load quicker than dynamic database queries. 

Caching in WordPress leads to faster as well as the higher overall performance of your WordPress website. It also reduces the load for your web hosting server. 

Caching affects the SEO of a website as it optimizes the speed of the website. There are many such plugins that help with boosting your WordPress site’s SEO.

The crawler of WP Rocket simulates a non-logged desktop user visit. In contrast, the crawler of LiteSpeed cache simulates a non-logged-in desktop user visit by default. Still, you can also configure it to crawl as a mobile user.

How Caching Works

The memory caches keep data and information on the computer memory that an application or a browser runs on. While the browser is active, then the resources it retrieves are saved in its hard drive and random access memory (RAM). 

Now, the resources are required to load a webpage. The browser pulls them from the cache rather than a remote server, making it quicker to retrieve assets and load the web page.

This is all about the working of the caching in your WordPress website.

WP Rocket

wprocket Cache Plugin

WP Rocket is the most famous and free-to-use WordPress plugin.

Many individuals think that these plugins contain harmful viruses. If you want to check the critical virus presence of the WordPress Rocket plugins, check the virus presence on the official VirusTotal website. 

Upload your website on VirusTotal to check the presence of viruses in the free WordPress Rocket plugins. 

WP Rocket plugins help in loading speed optimization. With the help of these plugins, the load time of your WordPress website decreases. 

You can use these plugins in unlimited projects, such as in e-commercial website projects. These plugins are in pre-activated mode. If you want to increase the rank of your website on google, then the loading speed factor is responsible for website ranking.

LiteSpeed Cache

litespeed cache plugin

The LSCWP (Life Speed Cache for WordPress) is an all-in-one web page acceleration solution. With the help of advanced cache management tools and optimization functionality.

It is one of the most attractive looks and effective optimization plugins that individuals need. 

With the help of the LiteSpeed cache plugin, your website can employ the best practices.

LiteSpeed provides one-stop web-acceleration solutions that embrace and advance cutting-edge technologies. 

How do the WordPress Cache Plugins work?

The WordPress Cache Plugins, first of all, minimizing the files, then using caching plugins for all the whitespaces and line breaks. After removing unnecessary things, no styling remains to make the code readable for humans. WordPress caching plugins can reduce your overall web page size. 

You can also start the optimization process by reducing the page size of the website.

WP Rocket

  • First of all, you have to go to the setting. 
  • Now you have to visit WP Rocket. 
  • Then visit the dashboard. 
  • Now press the Clear cache button. 
  • There is a WP Rocket menu link, and you will observe a dropdown menu present. 
  • At last, you have to click on the clear cache.

LiteSpeed Cache

  • On the left side menu of your WordPress, go to plugins/LiteSpeed
  • Then click to manipulate on the manipulating web page. 
  • Click empty the entire cache. 
  • One can use any other alternatives on the managed page to clear particular portions of the cache. 

Handling Expired and Purged Cache

It doesn’t matter which plugin you opt for; there will be a cache directory on your native server that regularly fills up and occupies space. So now, let’s look at how each of the plugins cleans up after itself.

Litespeed Cache vs WP Rocket gif

WP Rocket

A cron job will run each hour to test which documents need to be deleted. When you submit new content material or replace/edit present material, the cache for that submitted web page can be cleared and preloaded. It also removes the cache for the homepage and the related content material. 

LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed cache accelerates your website by caching visited pages for re-use. While making adjustments to your website, the cache continues to serve the older version till it is cleared.

Analysis of LiteSpeed Cache vs WP Rocket Features

Go through a side-by-side comparison of plugin features.

Cache Features

FeatureLiteSpeed CacheWP Fastest Cache*
Full-Page Cache
Tag-Based “Smart Purge”X
Tight Integration With ServerX
Private CacheX
Edge Side Includes (ESI)X
Widget Cache✓ (Covered under ESI)$
Crawler✓ (Preload)
WordPress Multi-Site Support
Cache Logged-in Users
Cache Separate Mobile View$
Cache Vary on User GroupX
Cache Vary on Geographic Location, Currency, and
much more
Purge Selected URLs on a Schedule
Browser Cache Support
Browser Cache Support

Other Optimization Features

LitespeedCache vs WP Rocket comparison
FeatureLiteSpeed CacheWP Fastest Cache*
Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)
Database Optimization$
CSS Minify
CSS Combine
Critical CSS GenerationX
JavaScript Combine
JavaScript Minify
Load CSS AsynchronouslyX
JavaScript HTTP/2 PushX
Load JavaScript Deferred$
Exclude Selected URI’s from Optimization
HTML Minify
Remove Query StringsX
Remove Google FontsX
Lazy Load iframes$
Lazy Load Images$
Responsive PlaceholdersX
Wildcard Usage in CDN SupportX
Image Optimization$
WebP Generation$
Plugin CostFREEFREE and PAID
Support CostFREEFREE

So now you will get to know about the difference between LiteSpeed Cache vs WP Rocket. After going through this table below, you can easily choose the correct WordPress Caching plugins for your website.

Now please go through this table.

LiteSpeed Cache WP Rocket Cache
Tag-based “Smart Purge.” Tag-based “Smart Purge.”
Optimized with the server. Tight integration with the server.
Edge Side Include (ESI). Not an Edge Side Include (ESI).
Varies on the user group. Cannot vary on the user group.
Clears the selected URLs on a schedule. Cannot clear the selected URLs on a schedule.


In comparing LiteSpeed Cache vs WP Rocket, we finally conclude that LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress is much better than the WP Rocket in flexibility and the loading speed of your website. 

The cost varies with many factors for both the plugins of WordPress. Still, LiteSpeed cache has some free-of-cost options which are not available in WP Rocket.

LiteSpeed can also optimize images, but WP rocket is not capable of doing the same. Both have features of critical CSS generation. But one lacks in some points.

LiteSpeed has a feature of responsive lazy-load placeholder generation, but WP Rocket doesn’t.

Nowadays, it is imperative to install cache plugins on your website to get proper optimization. You will get many features in an enhanced cache plugin.

If we talk about LiteSpeed cache, it is the most optimized WordPress cache plugin, and it is also free to use.

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