How to Add Maths Equation In WordPress?

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WordPress is a web platform — an internet software system that you will use to make a site and are accustomed to producing a website. If you want to know how to add maths equation in WordPress and learn about the plugins like Latex, MathType, equation editor, go through the article.

WordPress is the best CMS platform with many users, which creates an essential trust with efficiency for writing, blogging, net development, E-Commerce, and selling similarly.

Not solely the fields as mentioned on top of, however, the WordPress is additionally best to create the net learning management system based primarily on websites.

Add Math Equations in WordPress

The WordPress Plugin developers begin making an answer to satisfy the wants of inserting a math equation with no problems. 

However, the various valuable plugins and documentation area units around the net appear to be out-of-date. A few seem to possess no correct update over the years.

But before we proceed, here’s an added information for you. Learn How to backup your WordPress site and ensure that your data is always safe.

Why is it challenging to add Maths Equation in WordPress?

WordPress works powerfully, creates your site content, and sends HTML yield back to the clients’ programs to show it. 

Composing numerical and logical conditions in WordPress is troublesome because of the absence of help for the characters in HTML. 

Presently, MathML and LaTeX are considered the norm for composing numerical and logical conditions on the web. 

Shockingly, they are both not precisely ideal for fledglings. The two expect you to become familiar with their linguistic structure, which could get muddled for more and more unpredictable conditions.

Choose the Best Plugins for adding Maths Equations

The best plugins to insert maths equations in WordPress can be decided by the following points-

  • The plugins which are easy to install in WordPress
  • Plugins with good optimization 
  • Plugins that are easy to use and are user friendly
  • Plugins that are cost-effective

Writing Equations using Unicode Characters

This technique is less complicated and is prescribed for clients who don’t have to compose numerical statements often. For this strategy, we’ll use Unicode characters and embed them straightforwardly in the post manager. 

Unicode is the encoding standard with the plan to give character encoding backing to all dialects. It is upheld by all web designers, working frameworks, and cell phones. 

Here is how to add numerical characters in WordPress utilizing Unicode. 

Adding Unicode Mathematical Characters in Mac 

  • On Mac PCs, you can add numerical administrators and characters from the toolbar at the top. Click on Edit » Emoji and Symbols or press Command + Control + Space keys on your console.
  • This will raise the ‘Character Viewer’ application in a popup. From here, you can choose the images and characters that you need to embed. 
  • Essentially double tap on a character to embed it in the WordPress post manager. 
  • Likewise, you can design characters in the post proofreader utilizing the addendum and superscript choices in the passage toolbar.

Adding Unicode Mathematical Characters in Windows 

Math Equation vector Add Equation In WordPress
  • Windows clients can utilize a similar application to embed numerical administrators and exceptional WordPress post editorial manager characters. 
  • Just open the Character Map application by tapping on Start » Windows Accessories » Character Map. This will raise the appearance of customarily utilized characters on screen.
  • The Character Map application upholds a wide range of encodings, including Unicode. You can discover math administrators by choosing the Unicode Subrange under Group. 
  • In the wake of finding a character, you need to snap to choose it and afterward duplicate it. Presently switch back to the WordPress content supervisor and glue the surface. 
  • Physically adding unique characters and numerical administrators is a problem. Yet, it works if you’re adding this now and again.

How to write equations without plugins?

It is conceivable to add Maths equation in WordPress with no module, and it will likewise not render them as pictures. On the off chance, if you are running an instructive site fundamentally centered around the subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, or some other Engineering subject, it is essential to your site to help the inline conditions. 

Here you will get the most effortless approach to add the maths equation in WordPress with no module just as not like the pictures by following the means given beneath: 

  1. Add the Given Line of the code to the header of your site: 

<script type=”text/javascript” src=” recent/MathJax.js?config=TeX-AMS-MML_HTMLorMML”> 


  1. Go to the 
  1. Make the condition that you need to embed in the latex structure. 
  2. Presently, scroll down and select the Latex starting from the drop menu and duplicate the condition code. latex condition for WordPress 
  3. Glue the condition code where you need to distribute on your site.

Equation Writing plugins for WordPress

Equation WordPress Add Math Equations in WordPress

One of the WordPress disadvantages is the absence of default backing of math formulas. Luckily, there are not many modules accessible to work with adding LaTeX style conditions. Among them, WP QuickLaTeX and Jetpack by modules appear to work the best.

Don’t forget to ensure that your site’s load speed is fast before you add maths equation in WordPress. Best WordPress caching Plugin Found! is an article that will brief you about WP Rocket and WP3 Total Cache plugins that will help in caching and ensuring that your site is loading quickly.

Equation Editor

Equation Editor is a set or heap of well-known editors which assists you with adding maths, material science, and science recipes and conditions to your site pages. 

There is no need for separate editors for maths, material science, and science; the condition supervisor module is sufficient. Introduce and start your work. 

Wiris Editor: Wiris manager permits you to add maths, material science, and chemistry conditions. 

Codecogs latex: Maximum clients think about Codecogs latex. This manager with innovation permits you to include conditions on your website pages. 

Maths Equations Editor allows you to add maths conditions. 

Physical science Equations Editor: This allows you to add physical science conditions. 

Science Equations Editor: This allows you to add science conditions. 

Recipe Editor: Most well-known supervisor permits you to add multi-type conditions easily.

Post Type Filter: You can channel your condition manager on any post sorts that you want.

How to use the Equation Editor?

A Tiny MCE module makes composing latex conditions simple, and WYSIWYG(what you see is the thing you get). It changes over latex code into a picture that shows genuine excellent latex conditions on your post. 

It’s anything but an “fx” and science button on the WordPress TinyMCE manager. On clicking it, the codecs latex condition supervisor springs up. Wires proofreader relies on settings where you can alter Latex.

Then, at that point, click the “duplicate catch” to duplicate the condition symbol back in the TinyMCE text area.

Pros and cons


  • You can also add chemistry equations. 
  • Can also do physics equations


  • You may face the issue ‘Equation Editor not working’.
  • The plugin doesn’t work with WordPress 5.7.
  • Render issue


WordPress hosting Maths Equation Add Math Equations in WordPress

LaTeX is a typesetting standard planned explicitly for composing technical and logical documentation. It is broadly utilized in scholarly circles and is viewed as the norm for managing conditions and other logical archives.


  • Command over huge archives containing separating, cross-references, tables, and figures. 
  • Typesetting of complex numerical equations. 
  • Progressed typesetting of science with AMS-LaTeX
  • Programmed age of catalogs and records
  • Multilingual typesetting
  • Incorporation of fine art and cycle or spot tone
  • We are utilizing PostScript or Metafont text styles.

How to use LaTeX?

In the first place, you need to introduce and enact the WP QuickLaTeX module. For additional subtleties, see our bit-by-bit guide on the best way to introduce a WordPress module. 

Upon enactment, you need to alter the post or page to embed a numerical problem. On the post alter screen, click on the add new square catch (+) and embed the shortcode square to your substance. 

  • Add Shortcode block 
  • Add the shortcode [latex page] followed by your LaTeX code. 
  • Add a LaTeX order in a shortcode block 
  • You would now be able to save your post and see your numerical problem with designing. 

Pros and cons


  • It’s simply text; anybody can alter your record. 
  • You don’t need to stress over design; it’s all programmed. Just put the words down there, and you’re brilliant. 
  • Delivers tastefully wonderful reports 
  • Simple to utilize math, images, and many other features.


  • Genuinely steep expectation to absorb information 
  • Partners new to LaTeX will experience issues investigating your original copies. 
  • Numerous highlights require libraries, which you need to discover/be made mindful of 
  • Format changes are troublesome.


MathJax enables us to render embedded LaTeX or MathML in HTML’s page. This plugin adds this multi-functionality for WordPress. The MathJax JavaScript is injected on-demand(users) only to those pages which need it. It ensures that MathJax is not loaded for all the pages, which will slow down the loading speed.


  • Math support on both frontend and administrator board 
  • Valuable and extravagant modular for embeddings and altering math in posts 
  • In addition, both square and inline math. 
  • Changing recipe tone 
  • Set ID and classes for equation 
  • Programmed featuring math in visual editorial manager 

How to use MathJax?

  • For using MathJax on WordPress, write the </head > code in header.php.
  • Select characters and Easy templates from Math Type. 
  • Use the default keyboard shortcuts. 
  • I’ve tried to make the most common ones – Ctrl+F for fraction, Ctrl+R for square root (radical).

“Ctrl” on Windows is replaced with “Command” on Mac. If you want, you can change the shortcuts, and perhaps it will be easier to remember.

Pros and cons


  • Top-notch typography 
  • Secluded Input and Output 
  • MathJax is profoundly secluded on info and yield.
  • Available and reusable 
  • MathJax works with screen readers and gives articulation zoom and intuitive investigation.


  • It can’t convert languages on its own.


Maths Add Math Equations in WordPress

MathML is a markup language used to insert maths equations in WordPress. It’s anything but a semantic XML markup like HTML. 

WordPress doesn’t uphold MathML out of the crate, and on the off chance that you added the MathML code in the post manager, it won’t deliver effectively. 

Fortunately, there is a module that tackles that issue. It essentially introduces and actuates the MathML Block module. 


  • MathML is well-integrated in HTML5
  • you can use usual Web features like CSS, DOM, Javascript, or SVG

How to use MathML?

Just alter the post or page where you want to add the mathematical problem. On the post alter screen, click on the add new square catch (+) and add the Custom HTML square to your substance. 

  • Add custom HTML block in WordPress 
  • You would now be able to glue your MathML code inside the custom HTML block. 
  • Add MathML code in WordPress 

From that point forward, you can save your post or page and view it’s anything but another tab to see MathML wonderfully changed on your site. 

MathML review 

MathML Block utilizes the MathJax JavaScript motor to change over your markup into intelligible mathematical problems. It additionally upholds LaTeX orders. 

To add your LaTeX code, add the MathML square to your substance proofreader.

 Pros and cons


  • Composing numerical articulations may require a standard content tool. 
  • Numerous devices are accessible.


  • Individuals might more enthusiastically utilize this.
  • Individuals should become familiar with punctuation. Mistakes in the code may effortlessly prompt parsing or delivering blunders, and so forth. 
  • The interface isn’t easy to understand


We have told you how to add math equations in WordPress. The article explains the WordPress math plugins that are used to write math equations in WordPress.

You can use Unicode to add formulas without using any plugins in WordPress. You can also install plugins like mathJax, Latex, MathML, math type to write equations and formulas quickly in your blogs.

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