Are you running a web hosting website? If YES! Then this post where we will share 100+ web hosting forum lists is beneficial for you.

Do you know you can boost your hosting sales on web hosting forums? When it comes to becoming an authority in the web hosting niche, online discussion, question, and answer are considered the best activities all over the Internet.

Forum posting websites are also similar to online discussions and question and answer.

Benefits of Web Hosting Forum

In the internet world, sites with higher DA (80) are the big leagues, so if you are a hosting provider or a business, then hosting forums are the best choice for both.

Let me tell you ten benefits of Web Hosting Forum:

  • Online forums enable people to form communities.
  • Forums help people connect with like-minded individuals.
  • They provide a space for education.
  • Members get a safe space to ask questions.
  • Customers get to own up to their role in the community.
  • Online forums encourage loyalty.
  •  The interactive interface gives a reason for the audience to keep coming back.
  • Forums enable customers to support each other.
  • You get a hotline to your audience.
  • Customer discussions lead to valuable audience insights.

You will be able to avail all of these benefits only if you are a member of any Web Hosting Forum, so don’t think they are not helpful.

100+ Web Hosting Forum List 2021

Online Forum is a space where people start, end, and holds their discussions. We can’t call it a Chat Room; in social media, we can see chatrooms, but here in the online forum, they typically focus on a particular subject matter, brand, or fandom.

Online Forums are usually systemized into some categories, in which the Forum members can post their questions or discussion prompts and reply to each other. 

Many other forums also allow their members to forward multimedia content, text, and forum posts which often stay longer than those available on social media sites or in chat rooms.

I am sharing some Best web hosting do-follow and no-follow forum submission sites for you in this article. Try to follow guidelines to get the most Benefits from web hosting forum posting. Let’s start.

High DA Web Hosting Forum List

Do you know Domain Authority is the most accurate representation of the search results and a crucial point to understand if you want to know more about why certain websites rank higher than others?  The sites with Higher DA performs better than lower DA sites, and as a result, there’s a direct impact between high DA scores and higher rankings.

In other words, DA is directly proportional to Site Ranking.

List of Web Hosting Forum 2021: Promotion Allowed

Link promotion is one of the most efficient marketing techniques that can quickly drive traffic to your website. Some Niche forums will also offer you a targeted audience and platform for sharing your insights. 

Now I will tell you three essential tips for link promotion.

  • Choose the proper niche forums.

For finding the correct forum, there are few tricks you can apply.

  • Explore the Forum of your type
  • Use your Website Visitor Demographics
  • Link to purpose-built landing pages.
  • When we link to the landing page, you must follow these two things.
  • Use Relevant Links
  • Use a ‘Pretty Link’
  • Use branded, shortened links.

If you use branded shorthand links, the customer will attract fast and tap on the link with complete trust and faith.

There are a lot of good web hosting forums in different languages. I know almost all of them as I had to work with them a lot.


According to the latest research by many web hosting experts, The Web Hosting Talk, Reviews & Services is the best web hosting worldwide, web hosting talk forum is very quality and well moderated.

But to join this forum is very hard because mods there are very harsh, and your account can be banned if you violate their forum rules. 

So, I hope you will find all web hosting forum lists to promote your company easily or offers in the threads and signatures with do-follow high authority backlinks. If we forget any web hosting forum, please tell us by comment section.